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A rview of some diet books and the Flat Belly Diet book.

Flat Belly Diet

Weight sneaks up on you. It’s not until you are going through your facebook pictures and your friend points to a picture of you from a couple months into freshman year in college and says, “Is that from when you got your wisdom teeth out?” that you start to really notice it. And then you spend all your time looking in the mirror holding a picture of your face from college up next to this new face that you haven’t noticed, because it was a gradual change. And then it’s all you can think about. And you want to diet, but darn it you just love food, and the more you think about food the more you want it, and suddenly you are eating two dinners, because the first one wasn’t good and not worth a full meal, and then you’re sitting on the couch watching The O.C. wondering if you could look like Mischa Barton if you lost the weight and went to the tanning salon, and next thing you know you’re eating a third dinner telling yourself that you will start your diet tomorrow, but you never do and then…well maybe that’s just me.

Weight loss and healthy eating is a widely discussed topic in America, with new fad diets rolling in every month, and images of unnaturally thin women everywhere who could forget it? Because this is a topic plaguing the minds of me as well as many other women I decided to take a closer look at the latest fad diet called the “Flat Belly Diet”. It is described in a thick yellow book that claims you can loose up to 15 pounds in 32 days in the bottom of the exclamation point, a much more realistic promise than many I’ve seen. The Book was written by the editors of the healthy lifestyle magazine Prevention. It claims that “A flat belly is about food and attitude. Period. (not a single crunch required)”. The book itself has interspersed success stories from people who have lost wait using the diet, and highlight the importance of MUFAs which are monounsaturated fatty acids, which they explain, in detail the benefits of. You can’t have a diet without rules and this one is threefold

  1. Stick to 400 Calories per meal
  2. Never go more than 4 hours without eating
  3.  Eat a MUFA at every meal”

Before diving into the 32 day commitment, include a four day “anti-bloat jump-start,” I decided to try out a recipe, to see if this diet was really worth it. Since breakfast is my favorite meal I picked a breakfast. One problem I noticed off the bat is that the ingredients are very specific, The Cherry-Chocolate Waffle calls for not just any Cherries, but “frozen Cascadian Farm ® Organic Pitted Sweet Cherries”, and I wondered if I would be able to find them, or many of the other ingredients for that matter. Although I was not able to find those or a number of the other ingredients needed for a breakfast recipe in my closest grocery store, I did find all the ingredients I needed for the Pumpkin Spiced Oatmeal. Once I got home I used the easy to follow recipe and in about an eighth of the time it took me to go shopping, I had made myself a delicious breakfast.

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