Diet Versus Regular Soda

Health issues with diet soda.

America is the most overweight people on the planet and I will tell you one of the many reasons why.

Diet pop is the the first mistake to losing weight because it dosn’t have any weight loss effect.

There have been studys where 30 women, half would drink diet pop

and the other half would drink regular sugared pop. Most the women who switched from diet to regular

ended up losing up to 5 pounds.

Because regular sugar in the regular pop does not have as fattening effect as the

artificial sugars in diet pop. Artificial sugars such as aspartame and splenda, wich have adverse effects on

your health. America consumes very large amounts of soda and diet soda and if you want the healthiest choice drink regular soda,

because diet soda is designed to get you hooked on it!

Did you ever get a headache after stopping drinking diet soda for a little while?

If you did, its cause you are having a kind of withdrawl, because the artificial sugar is actually purposley designed to get you hooked to it

therefore making you buy more diet pop to, making the soda company gains more profits.

Diet soda makes you addicted, and it makes you fatter so you actually think you need to drink more diet pop!

purchasing more and making the soda companies a great deal of money. (this is a great tactic for these compaies that they actually

This is just one of the hundreds of reasons why you dont lose any weight after drinking diet then after drinking regular soda.

Its all just a money making tactic for the food industry, and it is very deceptive. So dont give in to the foods that say

diet to quickly, because usually it is a scam for the companys to make higher profits.

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  1. Where are you facts or research data? I drink neither diet or regular soft drings but not very convinced by this article that sounds more like a personal opinion than an educated report.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with GS. I do research based chemistry and this sounds like conspiracy theory and opinion, not science or proof.

  3. Diet coke and mentos will trigger a nuclear explosion.

  4. I dont believe this at all….Sugar has alot of negative health qualaties! If your that concerned about all of this, just drink water or milk for petes sake! Also, the bit about the headache from the sweetener is rubbish! For all you coffee drinkers out there, you are well aware of the headache that ensues is from the lack of caffeine.

  5. The reason that diet sodas are ‘diet’ is because they have no energy content, or what we refer to as ‘calories’. They have no energy content because the bonds in the artificial sweetener cannot be broken down by the enzymes in our bodies. They, by themselves, cannot make you gain. However, some people drink diet soda to reduce their caloric intake. This will help you lose weight only if these calories are eliminated. Some people who switch to diet sodas will then replace those calories rather than eliminate them. I.E. they will get a diet soda and a large package of fries rather than a medium package because they are having a diet soda. This will lead to weight gain because the increase in the size of the fries gives a large amount of calories, carbohydrates and fats that completely eliminate any gain from drinking diet soda. To some people, the switch to regular soda makes them more aware of their caloric intake and they cut in other places, leading to a decrease in their weight. In both cases, the weight gain or loss in not attributed solely to the kind of soda one drinks, but instead to the lifestyle that one leads.

  6. Show your references. We can only assume you are conjecturing, and it is irresponsible for you to publish misinformation like this.

  7. jake markob is right. All the so called “conjectures” he has in this article are supported by research and studies because I’ve also come across the same facts in the Net.

    jake marcob just wrote down the important points.

    Anyway, if the readers need more proof, they can see the article I wrote titled Don’t Panic: Crucial Health Alert Everyone Should Be Aware By Now . It contains important facts and studies against cola drinks.

    For you jake markob, thanks for this piece!

  8. ditto349:
    1. Your article is about soda in general, this is an article about diet vs. regular soda. (save your breath if you plan on red herring this with the use of soda vs. cola).

    2. Jake Marcob has not refrenced any of his information about an alleged “taint” in artificial sweeteners to cause addiction. The headaches are due to a caffine withdrawl exprienced when one stops consuming any caffine-rich item; coffee, regular soda, or diet soda, etc.

    3. While you reference your article for Jake, you do not reference any of your information either. You simply state that the sudies occured but do not indicate where one might look to validate the claim.

    4. “The Net” is a very broad area to reference. Any sites you can think of in particular? Specifically those that aren’t “anybody-edit” like a wiki or blog?

    5. My thoughts on one thing Jake did say on the issue of actual weight loss, as Andrew detailed, is that the people who drink diet soda do replace the soda with more calories elseware. Or they will drink considerable more diet than they would have of regular. When they return to regular soda, they possibly feel more conservative about it and actually drink less regular soda overall and then lose more weight.

    6. As for addiction agents in the soda helping corporate America, lay off the Orwell and Moore for a little while and just enjoy life as it is.

  9. zcb vbvcb

  10. I Think that this is ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. YOURE MAMA!!!!!!!!!!

  12. All this time I was blinded by the industry!!!!

  13. If you’re going to write an article, please use Spell Check. You should also check for incomplete sentences. After you do all that, you should use references to back up your points. I agree with much of what you said, but if you don’t have proper presentation, it’s easy to ignore your message.

  14. This was brutal. Cite your sources please, and do a grammar check and a spell check. No one will ever take you seriously if you can’t at the very least abide by those (rather simple) guidelines.

  15. I like Ham

  16. Upon ingestion, aspartame breaks down into natural residual components, including aspartic acid, phenylalanine, methanol, and further breakdown products including formaldehyde,[21] formic acid, and a diketopiperazine.

    High levels of the naturally-occurring essential amino acid phenylalanine are a health hazard to those born with phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare inherited disease that prevents phenylalanine from being properly metabolized. Since individuals with PKU must consider aspartame as an additional source of phenylalanine, foods containing aspartame sold in the United States must state “Phenylketonurics: Contains Phenylalanine” on their product labels.

    In the UK, foods that contain aspartame are legally required by the country’s Food Standards Agency to list the chemical among the product’s ingredients and carry the warning “Contains a source of phenylalanine” – this is usually at the foot of the list of ingredients. Manufacturers are also required to print ‘”with sweetener(s)” on the label close to the main product name’ on foods that contain “sweeteners such as aspartame” or “with sugar and sweetener(s)” on “foods that contain both sugar and sweetener”.[22]

  17. I believe that random fellow is right if everyone is so upset drink milk or water!

  18. If you are the one that published this article, let me ask you a question?

    Do you REALLY believe what you wrote or were you just trying to incite something?

    obviously this piece is opinion, and everyone else has already said everything I was thinking when I was reading it, so I won’t be repeat it.

    If you wear a tinfoil hat, you can stop. It’s safe.

  19. You might want to take a few grammar lessons if you want people to take you seriously. Also, if you are a regular soda drinker and you stop drinking it, you will also get headaches as well. The headaches are due to caffeine withdrawal. I know this from personal experience. Caffeine is an addictive drug. I do not know whether or not the artificial sweeteners can cause headaches as well, but what you said is not accurate. In fact, all your information is inaccurate and lacks any citation to legitimate sources. You make vague reference to some study – what study? Where was it published? Who conducted the study? I lost weight after switching from regular soda to diet soda. Admittedly, this was part of a diet that I was on so I made some other dietary changes as well, but the biggest change I made was switching to diet soda. It is not accurate to say that you will lose weight if you switch from diet to regular soda. A diet soda drinker who averages 2 sodas a day who switches to regular soda will add approximately 300 calories per day to their diet. I’m not saying diet soda is healthy for you, in a perfect world no one would drink soda or other caffeinated beverages, but it is misleading to say that regular soda is healthier for you.

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