Disappear From The Food Vitamins

Day by day increasing variety of food offered by humans. Removed several crops of fruit and vegetables a year, divorced and raised huge amounts of cattle and small ruminants, poultry and fish – and all this in order to decorate the table a man of the XXI century.

And, a little effort, anyone can, instead of semi-natural products to find that seemingly must fully satisfy human needs for vitamins and other nutrients. However, the U.S. report that is incorrect. Maybe the food available to consumers with average incomes, and becomes more and more, but that the amount of vitamins in them is rapidly decreasing. 

According to U.S. scientists for the last forty years – and this is the time during which matured for two generations of the Earth – in parsley and dill, magnesium, prevents cardiovascular disease and diabetes, was reduced by 30%. Vitamin A helps maintain good eyesight, and protects against skin diseases and diseases of the hair, teeth and gums, has disappeared from beef and veal is perfect and the meat birds it was less than seven-tenths. 

Calcium is necessary for normal functioning of many systems of the human body, almost completely disappeared from the cabbage, it’s main source. In today’s crop of cabbage calcium is only 25% of that amount, contained in cabbage crops seventies of last century. Markedly decreased and the content of other vitamins in other foods. 

The reason for such a phenomenon scientists call, firstly, the total depletion of the earth: it is required to grow too many vegetables and fruits, with all the deteriorating environmental situation. The second reason – is that the feeding of livestock and poultry also are artificial, often at the same time care about the fact that these living sources of protein had time to build up more meat, and not about the right of their feeding. 

Now to get the necessary daily dose of vitamins, a person should eat 6-8 – kilogram of food per day, on which, of course, nobody can. Vitamin complexes are not the solution to the problem, it is only a temporary solution. 

If humanity is to continue to continue to “pump” from the earth and living creatures, all that is possible is likely that our grandchildren get vitamins from food of natural origin will already seem like a fairy tale.

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