Drinks for Diabetics

The following refreshing drinks can keep blood sugar under control.

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Fresh fruit juices supply vitamins and they are a lot better than bottled drinks. For diabetics, zero sugar bottled drinks are available. But taking drinks which keep diabetes under check is the best in the long run. Prolonged diabetes can cause debilitating body conditions and it is never too early to try and keep the disease from getting worse.

Considerable awareness on the disease preventing qualities of fruits and vegetables has been created in the recent times, by the medical professionals. Though all of us know the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables, most of us would go for a bottled or packed drink. Fresh juice, though been packed only a few days ago, would have lost its vitamins to a considerable extent. Such drinks do not supply enough goodness required by our body.

The following drinks are not only easy to make, but helps to control blood sugar levels.

·         Make a juice of quarter of a lemon. Mix it with the juice of a medium sized cucumber. Cut a spoonful of mint leaves and add to this. Add a pinch of salt to this drink and with this breakfast can be started.

Take a breakfast of whole wheat bread and oatmeal/cereals with skimmed milk.

·         A cup of fresh orange juice can be taken before lunch. Or blend a few pieces of papaya with the juice of quarter of a lemon. Add quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder/a dash of garlic paste to this. Add water and mix well. No salt is needed and this can be taken just before the lunch. Tomatoes are a good source of potassium. De-seed tomatoes and blend them to make juice. This can also be had with cinnamon powder.

A lunch of fish and low carbohydrate food like whole wheat bread, lean meat and green leafy vegetables is ideal.

·         A milkshake made with almonds is a delicious drink. It will quench the thirst and also fills the stomach. Soak 10 almonds in very hot water for five minutes. The skin comes off easily. Grind to a smooth paste. Add three cups of skimmed milk to this and boil this in a low flame, stirring constantly for five minutes. Allow it to cool and refrigerate. Makes two drinks. This can be kept for two days in the fridge.

·         Make a juice of deseeded tomato and can be taken just before dinner.

Cooked broken wheat/whole wheat pasta, curd/yogurt and vegetable salad/avocado will be a good diabetic dinner

All the juices cannot be made daily. One or two must be tried daily, and there is no doubt that the benefits will be immediate.

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