Eat Some Aloe Vera for Your Next Meal

Aloe Vera is a well known plant for treating burns and insect bites. However, many of you probably do not realize that you can eat Aloe Vera too.

How You Should Eat It

Many of you are probably wondering why you should eat this plant. Without a doubt, a few of you have probably tried eating Aloe Vera in the past. If you have tried eating Aloe Vera, intentionally or not, you probably have come to the conclusion that it tastes horrible. And you’re absolutely right. But guess what? You’re not supposed to eat it raw. Yuck!

To properly eat the Aloe Vera, you need to cut it up a bit. Take about a half inch to an inch worth of the Aloe Vera leaf, and chop it up until you reach the translucent part of the plant. The translucent part of the Aloe Vera plant is the part you will want to eat. So take away all of the darker green skin that you see, until only the translucent piece remains.

And then, place the translucent part of the Aloe Vera in some cranberry juice or whatever you like to drink. This eliminates the horrible bitter taste that the Aloe Vera plant has. Then just drink the juice until it’s all gone, including the Aloe Vera chunk. The bad taste will vanish, and you will barely notice the Aloe Vera sliding down your throat.

Why You Should Eat It

Eating Aloe Vera is very healthy. People in Asia eat this plant all the time. People in China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian nations will mix Aloe Vera chunks with teas or even meals. In the United States, some people are starting to eat this plant too. The main reason for eating Aloe Vera is because it will increase your resistance to disease.

The plant is full of antibiotics, which will fight off infections. Some people claim that eating Aloe Vera will also prevent hair loss. This is mostly a rumor, but it could be true. It wouldn’t help you any if you’re already bald, but it might aid you if your hair is just starting to thin. Aloe Vera is also rumored to help reduce acne or pimples as well.

Where You Can Purchase It

Aloe Vera is easy to buy. You can find it at health food stores, gardens, and even Walmart. Sometimes you can even find Aloe Vera leaves, which may help those of you who feel guilty for cutting up your Aloe Vera plants. Even eBay has Aloe Vera plants for sale.

And they’re not very expensive plants to purchase, either. You can buy the whole plant at Walmart for just a few dollars, and that will probably last you for a couple of months. It just depends on how much of the plant you consume on a daily basis.

As you can see, the Aloe Vera plant can actually be eaten. And it’s really good for you. So if you want to live a healthier lifestyle then try eating some Aloe Vera chunks each day. Just remember not to eat the Aloe Vera raw. It will not be a pleasant experience.

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  1. Such a good information to know. I only use aloe vera to ease on the mark of scar.

  2. While in Aruba at the aloe factory, they showed us how to take the slimey part of the plant and save in small containers for burns, acne, etc. The best part though is the firm part in the middle can be chopped up in cereal, fruit or salad to help anyone with bronchitis and asthma. Try it!!

  3. what if i eat it and turn into a green being from outer space ?
    what will happen if i eat it ?

  4. Den, if you eat it, you’ll turn into a monkey. Just you. Sorry for the bad news.

  5. LOL! This is very helpful. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for this. I’v always eaten it ie the clear inside. But i want to know if there’s a particular specie to take or avoid.
    Secondly, how long can a cut leaf still be potent?

  7. I eat aloe, have for years. Buy the big leaves, cut off a piece a little bigger than two fingers, skin it, chew it very slowly so it is all liquid by time it hits your throat, drink some good water with it.
    Never cook or add sugar. Cooking kills the good parts and sugar is the opposite of what you are trying to do. Sugar fuels cancers and infections, refined sugar is bad.
    If you have a sore throat, slow chewing will help you immensely.

    Ahamefula, a leave is good until the inside is not clear. Only eat the clear part, if you find red, cut it off. Typicaly you can cut a chunk off, then the next day or a few days later, cut off the bad/dried up end, then cut yourself another slice and skin it.

  8. If people in Asia eat lots of aloe & aloe is supposed to stop hair loss, then why do so many Asian women lose their hair?

  9. I love eating Aloe Vera. I take the inside gel and cut them up into tiny pieces. Then I mixed with honey or juice. Taste great!

    I also wrote about “Benefits of Aloe Vera” at Cambree Notes.

  10. is aloe good for the digestive track ?

  11. Visit ebay and type Organic Aloe Vera Baby Plant to get an Organic Bare Root Baby Plant from a reliable seller, plant and grow your own Aloe Vera and eat as much Organic Aloe Vera as you like. From my 10 years research I advise you to only use Organic when it comes to eating or personal use! Ian

  12. what is the amount to eat aloe vera? what happens if you consume to much?

  13. My house is never without the Made from Earth Aloe Vera Skin Treatment and I’ve tried many kinds. Most of what has been available has been in gel form – which is full of chemicals! To make it gel-like, carcinogenic preservatives are used, as well as artificial colors, scents, etc. All I want is 100% aloe vera.

    Since finding the Made from Earth Aloe Vera (including the Aloe & Jojoba for the body), I keep one bottle on the frig door at all times for a more immediate cooling, soothing effect. One bottle is in the bathroom medicine cabinet and one in the bedroom. Its not a gel – its a real aloe vera cream that is potent.

  14. It seems the good stuff does not last after it is cut from the plant.
    So I know you need your own plant. I do not know if this is all good to eat.

  15. YES.

  16. Good info on Aloe Vera! However one statement in the first paragraph is incorrect:
    “But guess what? You’re not supposed to eat it raw. Yuck!”

    So you’re gonna cook it? That’ll really bring out that lovely flavor… Of course not. You even go on saying how to use it and nowhere do you say anything about using it other than raw.

    One gets the impression that you may not understand what “raw” means, i.e., uncooked, unprocessed, in its natural state.
    Other than that the info is great!

  17. Tilakram Bohara and Durga Prasad Upadhyay from Nepal
    We have learnt a lot about the use and benefits of Aloe Vera. We are going to farm it so that provide us with what we need for our daily dose.

    Thank you

  18. is their something wrong with eating the skin…I eat it all

  19. when i was young my mom used to boil the alo vera and she would give us to drink it. Bitter it was but i guess now i understand better why am not constanly sick or resistant to most desieses

  20. Aloe Vera cam be eaten as a whole leaf, but is bitter to taste. The green skin is what makes it bitter. Also if you eat the whole leaf you need to wash it as it ordinarily will have dust on it. The dust could contain anything!!

    Most people do not eat it in its “raw state” ie just in its leaf form straight of the plant. Usually a leaf is taken and the skin is removed. This is easily done by slitting the leaf along its length and scrapping out with a teaspoon. You then would have a long clear jelly like sausage. Just cut it up and eat. If you dont like the taste you can blend it for a few seconds with you favourite juice.


  21. Excellent post!

    I eat Aloe regularly and it has improved my skin, hair, nails, and digestion.

    Here’s a video I made on how to pick and eat Aloe:

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