Eating Fruit After a Meal – is It Good or Bad?

Here we discuss if eating fruit after a meal is good or bad for you..

Eating fruit after a meal – good or bad?

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We are normally of the opinion that fruit gets digested easily when it is consumed after a meal as it is believed to settle nicely on top of other food.

According to a study made in the Tufts University, food eaten by us is separated into nutrients by the gastric secretions during the time when it remains in our stomachs.  This process takes place during the time spanning to a few hours when the food settles in our stomachs during which period it gets churned and emulsified.

The secret of the food getting split into nutrients lies in the fact that the body absorbs them easily.  The nutrients get absorbed by the body while the stomach slowly empties itself into the small intestine.

All the food we would have taken gets mixed up nicely at this juncture.  It is only a myth therefore that a fruit after a meal is beneficial to our body.  Its nutritional value is not going to change at all whether we consume it before or towards the end of a meal.

However, many nutritionists say that fruit gives off a certain amount of gas whilst it is being digested, and together with food already in the stomach, it can give you that bloated feeling up to an hour after the meal. This is why you will often be told by nutritionists not to eat fruit after a meal, but leave it up to an hour or more afterwards.

The other theory is that fruit juices will react with the other food you have just eaten, which causes a rapid chemical reaction and produces more gas in the stomach that if you had eaten the fruit alone.

Typically, nutritionists, scientists and fitness coaches will always differ in their advice, the arguments for and against continue from day to day. You will have often read in health magazines and nutritional publications articles that often contradict each other (fitness magazines especially).

It is of my opinion is to just do what works for you, afterall, every indivdual is unique and different, and different foods will react differently in each individual.

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  1. Very interesting post. Fruit is generally part of our meal, usually at the beginning. It works for us, so I guess we’re good to go.

  2. I agree with you on that it really does not matter or not, that you can eat fruit and nuts after a meal is better for you.

  3. Very interesting information. Thank you.

  4. For myself, I have found that the best way to eat fruit is to have it by itself – not immediately before or immediately after. Fruit easily digests and hence mixing it with other not-easily digested food may not be a good idea. I take my fruits 2-3 hours after my lunch and make sure that I don’t take anything for next 1-2 hours. This means that the fruit is actually consumed in an empty stomach. Exceptions might be some fruits that specifically has digestive benefits (e.g. papaya), which when consumed in small quantities with the meal may aid in digestion. You should try different ways to find out what fits you best.

  5. This is food for thought.. =)

  6. good info

  7. interesting post. I go eating mine after meal.

  8. I don’t eat much fruit at all, I probably should eat more.

  9. The question here is whether fruits taken after meal good or bad. If the body reacts naturally, nutrients is absorbed (Good). If the body produces chemical reaction (Bad). It does not matter whether taken before or after meal.

  10. Nice sharing this topic.

  11. Great article. I enjoyed the opposing views between scientists and nutritionists.

  12. Very useful information!

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