Explore Our Delusions About Healthy Eating

Explore our delusions about healthy eating.

Explore our delusions about healthy eating 

Semi most convenient way to eat quickly and efficiently.

But again, one thing when something you prepare yourself in advance for their own family (ravioli, manti, burgers, etc.), knowing how and from what you’ve done that and another thing when you buy such products stores. Look at the inscriptions on the packages!

You can be horrified to how the ingredients that contribute to long-term storage of the product, along with the original product you have eaten. Needless to say, that because of all these chemical additives taste of food is unnatural and often unpleasant.
Dairy products are very useful for the organism

Quite a controversial assertion, nutritionists over this broken so many copies! Of course, from dairy products should not refuse, but those helpful items that they contain, are also present in other products.
Organic foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities

Natural products, created by nature itself (vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.) is certainly useful. However, any food eaten in quantities exceeding the needs of the organism, may cause harm. For example, a surplus of fructose, which is contained in fruits and berries, can increase the risk of many diseases. Organic foods should be eaten in great variety, but not in large quantities.
The best way to lose weight – go on a diet

Not the best and far from safe. There is no diet that would give a 100% guarantee of weight loss. And, as a rule, lost weight during a diet again after it is typed, and sometimes several times more. Effects of diets can be very, very sad: various diseases of digestive organs, kidneys, liver, heart problems, plus the psychological problems, stress, depression, etc.
Fast is not harmful

Harmful. The food should be chewed thoroughly, and the hurry completely out of place here, however much you do not hurry somewhere. Digestion of food begins in the mouth, and grinding the food is better digested and prevents indigestion. Use thorough mastication due to the fact that the signal on the flow of food rapidly enters the brain, thereby excluding overeating.

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