Fat Free Diets Can be Downright Dangerous

Oftentimes, we both hear and read about diets that tend to guarantee us that by partaking in the program, we will lose X amount of pounds over a given period of time. Certainly, lowering the fat intake by anyone will tend to lessen weight gain, but the question… is this healthy?

We are reminded by many top nutritionists that due to the requirements of certain vitamins, that is their need of some level of fat in the diet in order to metabolize them, it is not wise to go almost fat-free and especially a totally fat-free diet because of the need of certain Vitamins, namely A, D, E and K requiring some level of fat for their absorption into the human body and perform their miraculous functions. A perfect example where there is virtually no Vitamin A absorption into your system is if you ate raw, or even cooked carrots by themselves thinking you would get all the vitamin A you need for that day.

Unfortunately, because there is 0 grams of fat, the vast amount of vitamin A in the carrot will not be absorbed into your bloodstream, hence the need for eating foods which do contain some fat. Because of this and because of the importance of these particular nutrients in the body, any individual we are told by many top nutritionists should make sure there is some level of fat intake with meals containing these particular Vitamins. In most cases there should be very little concern, except where someone is on a very low-fat diet and the individual is taking supplements to offset many low nutrient foods.

What About Someone Over 65 Thinking Of Pursuing A Fat-Free Diet?

Those who study nutrition and especially researchers in the field tell us that those over 65 should be even more careful attempting extremely low-fat diets, since as we age, Vitamin absorption usually drops, requiring more than the MDR to achieve the needed results. According to some of these top nutritionists, it may be better for some individuals to suffer a slightly overweight situation in order to ward of some of the consequence that a diminished absorption of these key nutrients may bring about.

Can This Low-Fat Intake Have An Effect On Vitamin Supplements?

For those of us who may be taking Vitamin Supplements, many nutritionists say that at the time we take these supplements, we should make sure that we accompany the Vitamins with some level of fat, possibly taking milk in your coffee or tea, or just have a small glass of milk. Even the fat content of the milk should be considered. It has been suggested that even a 2% milk fat should be sufficient. Now, for those of us who may have a decent breakfast, such as eggs, or other fat content breakfast, there is no problem. For those who may not be aware of this need of having some fat intake when taking these particular Vitamins, whether from daily foods or supplements, it is hoped that your doctor or nutritionist would make you aware of this. The problem here is that even some doctors have not been trained as nutritionists and therefore may not be aware of it.

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  1. Bravo! Great article. We often hear that it isn’t a good idea to cut all fats out of our diet but no one has ever told us why. Thank you for explaining it, I found there was a lot I wasn’t aware of.

  2. Thank you Darlene and I won’t tell anyone about the guy with the shaving cream on his face.
    Yes, to learn certain things, we must dig deep. Our world society governs that the populous is not made aware of many things, which maintains the status quo, i.e., keeping pharmaceuticals in busines, hospitals growing at double-digit rates, maintaining phenominal yearly medical costs increases each year, etc.. I appreciate your comments.

  3. A very well informed article! I fear the more we interfere with the creators inventions, the less clever we are and the more endangered we become. Very good information.

  4. I always appreciate your comments, Lucy. Glad to hear from you. Yes, this article took a lot of research, which I myself found very enlightening. Thank you again. Enjoy the early Spring weather.

  5. This article failed to mention the difference between good fats (like in an avecado) and the ones the clog your veins. (Saturated fats)

    This looks unprofessional & a little dangerous – far more people are dying from heart disease than lacking vitamin A yet you could convince them to eat more eggs & milk.

  6. Thank you for your comments…

  7. What about the fact that there IS small amounts of fat in vegetables and grains? I think most people that go on a fat free or low fat diet eliminate the concentrated oils and high-oil foods, but they still eat plenty of foods that contain oils naturally. I thin you’re giving out dangerous information here making people think they HAVE to add oil tot heir diets. Nature didn’t make bottles of olive or sunflower or corn oil you know. It cannot be necessary to add oil to foods to be healthy.

  8. First of all I apologize and did not mean to imply what you commented. It was only to make the point as the article tries to point out that certain vitamins require a minimum amount of fat[in the digestive system] to be absorbed into the body.

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