Five Fun Fruits You Should Try!

More and more exotic fruits are showing up in markets. Here’s a guide to five you should try, say nutrition experts.

Five Fun Fruits You Should Try!

Fruit is one of nature’s perfect foods. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and fibers, without fat. And, it’s delicious.

More and more exotic fruits are showing up in markets. Here’s a guide to five you should try, say nutrition experts.

Carambola (star fruit)
This is a fruit that’s a winner in all categories. It tastes great and is attractive, as well. Nutritionally, it’s high in vitamin C, beta carotene, and potassium. It can be substituted for fresh lemon and lime slices, or eaten fresh.

Even if you’ve never had a guava, you may be familiar with its taste. Guavas give a tropical flavor to fruit drinks. High in vitamin C and potassium, they can be eaten plain. They’ve also been widely used in jellies, jams, and sherbets.

The kiwi, like its  namesake bird, is small and cute. It’s high in pectin, a key fiber. Eat it plain, or carve into a succulent garnish.

This is one of the best sources of beta carotene. A medium-size papaya has 6,100 IU of this key antioxidant, six times the Recommended Daily allowance (RDA). You’ll also find lots of potassium and calcium, and a taste that many people say is addictive. Just cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, and dig in.

So lush and tropical that they’re almost decadent, mangoes are actually one of the healthiest foods you’ll ever eat. Each mango gives you about a tenth of your daily fiber requirement. Peel and eat, but not while you’re wearing a suit; mangoes are messy. Better yet, slice into two and eat with a spoon.

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  1. Being a Vegan I know all about these fruits and can highly recommend them ,nice article

  2. Good info. I love fruit.

  3. Great selection and good suggestions. Well composed too. TX

  4. Good tips. Good selection for good health.

  5. Philippines have the best mangas and papayas =)

  6. Oooh! Lovely fruit! Nice one, papaleng!

  7. Papaya and Mango are two of my favorite fruits and those I enjoy the most when I am in Laos. I like the green mango a lot–it is a little more sour. In Laos the pieces are dipped in a sugar/red pepper paste. Yummy!

    As always a fine article from you Papaleng!

  8. My enjoy star fruit and mango and so does my parrot. Nice article, enjoyed it much.

  9. Wonderful information and write! I love fruit especially mango!

  10. The markets are spotlighting more interesting foods now and your info is much appreciated. I brought home some jicama and pomegranate and ate them the other day.

  11. Five great fruits Papaleng! Luckily for me the supermarket nearby has a great fruit selection and I can get all of these delicious treats.

  12. I am vegan,so I know all the fruits and tasted them all as these are readily available in India during their season….. :-)

  13. Great article, thanks. Those are great fruits, but I like kiwi.

  14. ive heard alot about mangos, and healing, great job here!

  15. Delicious fruits,papayas in Chile looks different.

  16. Mangos are my favorite!

  17. Some nutritious selections here. Thank you, mamilee24.

  18. my favorite is kiwi, mangoes,& guava, star fruit is rare here…persimmons are good too, but not in ur list!

  19. love mangoes!! yummy! both hinog and hilaw n mangga lol.

  20. Tried all of these tasty fruits,but the star fruit.

  21. Have not had this fruit for years. Are they always sour?

  22. Give me a mango or a papaya anytime and I will be fine. Nice article.

  23. I like fruit but some of these I’ve never heard of. I’ll have to look for them.

  24. Oh, i love all these fruits. Balimbing or starfruit is hard to find though.

  25. very nice fruits and tips,thanks for sharing :)

  26. I love those fruits

  27. Very well written kabayan. Thanks for the tips. Aside from sugar contents in mangoes which could directly affect diabetic patients, fruits will not cause an overdose.

  28. favorite and delicious..Thanks papa for sharing this great post!..cheers :)

  29. all are available in London – love mangoes especially

  30. papaleng, I’ve developed a taste for all of these, except for papaya. So healthy!! Brian

  31. Salamat for great healthy food ideas!

  32. Great article…

  33. yummy!

  34. wow… i love fruits…

  35. wow papaleng. before i just ignore some of the fruits listed above. pero ngaun ganun pla cla kahalaga sa health natin :D
    time to eat them!

  36. Wow! Donald! I love all those fruits, especially the mangoes. They are yummy and healthy too. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Don’t throw away the papaya seeds. They have a great taste. Eat them right out of the papaya, or grind them and sprinkle onto other foods.

  38. I enjoy most tropical fruits other than star fruit and fresh mango. It is good to know they are so healthy for us.

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