Food for Face: Eating for Healthier Skin

Eating right for your skin and face.

Healthy skin can be hard to come by.  Unattractive blemishes and pimples are annoyances that often interfere with our personal confidence, relationships, and in certain cases even our general health and professional productivity.  Taking care of your skin and treating pimples with proper techniques and products, in conjunction with eating right, is a winning combination for beautiful skin.  Below are just three different food options to help you achieve the healthy skin you strive for.

- Fish

Certain types of fish contain high levels of essential Omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in skin inflammation reduction, skin nourishment, and decreased pore blockage.  Salmon is a prime example of a fish that is high in these helpful fatty acids, and can do wonders for skin complexion.

Snapper is another facially beneficial friend from the sea, as it is rich in Selenium (a mineral which helps reduce sunburn risk and aids in evening skin tone), and other essential fatty acids.   

- Vitamin C (Fruits and Veggies)

Vitamin C is an integral part of the human diet for a number of reasons.  As it relates to healthy skin though, foods high in Vitamin C help maintain healthy collagen levels and other skin strengthening fibers.  Guava, kiwi, oranges, strawberries, and papayas are among the highest Vitamin C-containing fruits, while chili peppers, bell peppers, leafy greens, and broccoli, have the highest content in vegetables. 

- Turkey

For the meat lovers out there, turkey is a wonderful option to choose for getting your protein fix, while also ushering in high amounts of Zinc, another mineral that maintains skin elasticity, firmness, and general health.  While eating other types of meat in moderation can also be beneficial for your skin, always try to avoid eating processed foods and refined carbohydrates, as these tend to promote skin aging. 

Perhaps the most pertinent advice to be given for maintaining a healthy, skin-friendly diet is to aim for variety.  While foods such as tomatoes and broccoli are great for your skin, you shouldn’t overload on either.  Keeping a well-varied diet ensures that your body and skin get a solid dose of all the valued nutrients and minerals we need to become and stay healthy.                   

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