Food Sources of Vitamin D is Wajid Consumed

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. A recent study also mneunjukkan that food sources of vitamin D can prevent depression. Apart from fresh milk, vitamins are abundant in fatty fish and mushrooms.


When the weather is changing, the body will be vulnerable to the flu. Except for vitamin C, vitamin D also contribute to the body’s defense against the fever. Many sources of vitamin D that can be consumed directly from food, such as the following:

1. fatty fish
Fat in fish is the best source of vitamin D. Found in salmon, tuna and mackerel. Fatty fish may be consumed through a side dish of fresh fish daily.

2. mushrooms
Fungi can produce vitamin D naturally when exposed to ultraviolet light. Although the most widely grown in the dark, but there are also some types that grow under the sun.

3. milk
Nutritious beverage is also known to contain vitamin D. Milk is fortified with a vitamin can also be derived from soy milk and rice.

4. orange juice
Release of this thirst drinks rich in vitamin C than it is also good sources of vitamin D. We recommend drinking a glass of fresh orange juice every day.

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