Food That Tastes Good and is Good for You

Love of food has been a passion for me. I set out to find the food that taste good and is good.

A passion for food is often put as a obsession or addiction. Thrown around like a disease. But you eat at least 3-4 times a day. Well unless your a skinny as my pinky finger supermodel. Furthermore I have set out on a quest for foods that taste good and are good FOR YOU!

Once one of my good friends noticed that I was gaining a little weight from all the delicious foods that I was consuming, I decided to go on a journey of no return of “good for you foods”. I have to tell you that there are some really, really absurd tasting things out there.

In no particular order.

Boca Burgers

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One of the first things that I tried and kept with. Its a meat substitute derived from soy. Brand name Boca Burgers. NOW the important thing to remember is that there are different kinds and I am not saying that all taste good. Some of them do. The one I found that I ate almost everyday  for lunch is there chicken ones. Lets just leave that the beef are an acquired taste.

This is a great choice when you are on the Weight Watchers diet. For the Beef ones come to an astonishing 1 point. That is less than a banana, which is around 2.


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. Well like most other Americans I am not the biggest seafood eater. Although I do consume it on occasion in a dinner. You know the all you can eat fish fry. Well now that is not the greatest thing for you. But prepared properly it can give you satisfaction of eating plus tastes amazing.

Researching on the internet I found a recipe that you might enjoy.

A Salmon fillet put in foil with lemon baked for around 20 minutes.  (recipe from User-name English Bob- Watch-movies forums.)

Just remember if your a bear battered maniac and thats the only way you eat your fish. Maybe a little change to it, for extra goodness.


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One things on my journey that I found is that you have to be careful of turkey burgers and ground turkey. Because turkey can contain dark meat and fatty skin,  beef would be a bit slimmer of an idea. However there are some “as i have heard” that are good for you. I have yet find which ones.

Still I throw out the idea for those who make tons of Tacos or Burgers around the house. Where switching it may be a good idea once in a while. Not to mention it still tastes good.

This is where my journey is at right now. I intend to keep looking for the best of the best. Tastes good and is good. Thanks and please if you would like throw something you think is good down. I would like to know it.

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  1. You are right on.

    Good advice.

  2. I just joined this site; which allows me to make a comment.
    This is an interesting read. I love good food, and it would
    appear that you are having good luck with your food journey.
    Excellent article. Will check out the others. Kind Regards.

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