Foods That Cause Anal Leakage

Are many.

Anal leakage is when you have fecal matter leak out of your anus at any time for any reason. There is no way to permanently cure it and the easest way to treat it is by keeping toilet paper in your but at all times.

There are many foods that cause anal leakage. 

The first food that causes anal leakage is fiber one. Fiber one has all of the fiber some one needs for a day. But fiber needs are based on weight and your diet. So someone who only needs half the fiber of the average person will end up suffering from anal leakage if they eat any fiber one product.

Other foods that could cause anal leakage include doritos, pringles, and anything else that has grease in it.

Food that has grease in it will cause anal leakage in even the healthiest of people.

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