Four Conditions That Make You Tired Easily

If your body is often tired, it is not always caused by too much work or overload daily activities. If light job could make you feel tired, maybe there is something wrong with your body’s metabolic system, or even mental disorders.

Fatigue may be caused by boredom and psychological pressure. Fatigue can also be a symptom of a disease. Here it is the most common cause of fatigue.

1. Lack of Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is in charge of maintaining the activity of red blood cells that transports oxygen in the blood. Low levels of vitamin B12 makes the body limp and lifeless. This condition also causes stomach pains or heartburn. If left too long, there will be tingling in the hands and feet, lack of balance, memory and according to the confusion.

These vitamins are widely available in animal protein, such as cow’s milk, eggs, meat and fish. For the vegetarians, do not be afraid of not getting adequate intake of B12, you can get it from soy milk.

2. Depression
Fatigue is one sign you are depressed. Approximately 12 million adults worldwide suffer from depression. In women, the risk of depression can be higher by 20 percent compared to men. To overcome this, have a holiday, do aroma therapy, spa or exercise.

3. Lack of liquid

Dehydration can inhibit of the entire working organ in the human body. As a result, backup power in the body decreases and affect organ performance. This condition causes symptoms of weakness and fatigue the body.

Inadequate intake of body fluids. You can provide them with drinking eight glasses of water a day, eating vegetables and fruits high in water content and fiber. Fiber works binds the liquid so that the intake of water last longer in the body.

4. Diabetes

Body fatigue often experienced by diabetics. The reason is as follows: when blood sugar is high, glucose will automatically be discarded from the body through urine. As a result, the body’s cells are starved of energy that makes it not work properly.

Diabetics feel thirsty easily, causing him/her to drink plenty of water. These conditions make them always want to urinate, especially at night so sleep was disrupted activity. Sleep deprivation can also lead to fatigue.

For diabetics, it is very important to check blood sugar levels regularly. Keep your food intake, exercise regularly, and live a proper diet. Began also to lose excess weight and stay away from soda drinks.

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  9. This is so true. Every time I forget to drink enough I find myself so tired.

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