Fruit is Not The Only One

Four things we should not put in our mind when eating the fruit.

You must already know that there are many kinds of fruit that are beneficial to us. We know the kiwi fruit, oranges, strawberries, etc contain vitamin C. The fruit is also known as a source of antioxidants, such as tomatoes rich in lycopene or mangoes are rich in carotene. So, almost everyone eating fruit as a healthy food. However, there are some things to consider while eating the fruit. Here are five restrictions in eating fruit. What are they? Consider the following points.

1. Do not depend on the fruit only to increase vitamin.
Most of the fruit does not contain vitamins as much as we thought. But if you want to take vitamin, it is not wise to depend only on the fruit. You should take a vitamin of some other foods to meet your vitamin needs.

Or to meet the needs of your vitamins and minerals, supplements such as Daily Complete Formula of multivitamin and multimineral  is a worth considering option.

2. Do not consume fruits as a substitute for vegetables.
Fruits contain a number of organic acids and aromatic substances that can help increase your appetite and helps the absorption of nutrients. Regardless of this fact, vegetables contain more minerals than fruit. If you only eat fruit without consuming vegetables and fruits are considered to replace the vegetables, then you will not get enough nutrients. Still required the consumption of approximately 500 grams of vegetables per day.

3. Do not consume the fruit as a meal replacement
The human body can survive with at least 50 types of nutrients, especially more than 65 grams of fat that can keep the regeneration and organ recovery. The fruit contains more than 85% water but less than 1% of the protein, so it will not meet the needs of amino acids and fatty acids for the body. So, you should not eat fruit as a meal replacement.

4. Not too much fruit in order to lose weight
In essence, the fruit is not a low-calorie foods. It contains more than 80% of sugar, most fruits contain fructose or fruit sugar. Although fruit contains fewer calories than rice, the fruit is always consumed in the great number because it tastes delicious and fresh. Therefore, if this happens, the more calories will be consumed and dietary goals would not be achieved.

Fruit is a diet rich in nutrients and very good to eat every day. Only, you need to pay attention on how to consump them. So, let’s eat the fruit wisely!

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