Health Benefits of Dates

In the tropics, dates are not as well as appreciated as they are in the dessert, where they are known as the “Bread of the Sahara”.

IT’S A DATE.       

In the tropics, dates are not as well as appreciated as they are in the dessert where they are known as the “Bread of the Sahara”.

Dates have been held in high esteem since the ancient times and are one of the ancient fruit cultivated by man. Its original home is the Persian Gulf, area of the Mesopotamia. The archives show 5,000 year old bricks containing directions on how to grow the date palm. Ancient Egyptian monuments have a lot of etchings of it.

The Bible alludes many times of its palm and its fruit showing its abundant virtues.

The Prophet Mohammad hinted the first palm was made from the tempered dust that remained after the formation of Adam.

The fruit contains 60% to 70% natural sugar which is easily absorbed by the body in the form of glucose and fructose. Dates are more superior to sugar cane.

Dates are usually taken with milk or curdled milk providing high nutrition. The wealthier people of Sahara remove the seed and replace it with butter which is the scientific way of taking fat. Date seeds may be roasted and ground into powder making delicious date coffee beverages. It can also be fermented and made into alcohol.

Dates contained the following food values, calculated per 100 grams;

Moisture – 15.3%

Protein – 2.5%

Fat – 0.4%

Minerals – 2.1%

Carbohydrates – 75.8%

Fiber – 3.9%

Calcium –  120 mg. and some amounts of Vitamin B complex.

When fresh dates are boiled with milk, it gives a nourishing and restorative drink for children and adults especially during convalescence.

Metchnikoff, a Russian scientist recommends the liberal consumption of dates which check the growth of pathogenic bacteria and helps establish a colony of lactobacilli, the friendly bacteria in the intestines. Dates are great remedy for intestinal disturbances.

As laxative, dates are highly beneficial in relieving constipation, as it has roughage to stimulate sluggish bowel movement. Immerse dates in water overnight and then make them into fine syrup the next morning for an effective laxative.

If you happened to have a bad hangover or you want to get rid of alcoholic intoxication, drink water where dates had been rubbed and soaked in. This will sober you up.

For those with weak heart, soak dates overnight and crush in the same water in the morning after removing the seeds. This concoction should be taken at least twice a week to strengthen the heart.

Dates can also treat sexual weakness. Soak a handful of dates in fresh goat’s milk overnight and grind it in the same milk in the morning. Put a pinch of cardamom powder and honey in this preparation. This improves sexual stamina and sterility due to some dysfunctional disorders.

To aid teething, tie baby’s wrist with a date, allowing your toddler to suck on it to harden the gums and prevent other complaints like fretfulness with diarrhea. A teaspoonful of date paste prepared with honey is an effective medicine for diarrhea and dysentery during teething. This should be taken three times a day.

However, a great care should be made in selecting dates. The sticky surface of the fruit attracts dust and other impurities in the air. It is advisable to purchase dates that are packaged well and wash them thoroughly before using.

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  1. My cousin who had to undergo an emergency uterus operation was asked by her doctor to have dates on the previous day, inorder to increase haemoglobin (blood) in her body faster.

  2. I looovve dates! I can’t understand why some people don’t find it palatable.

  3. We have a date tree in front of our house. but it doesn’t have its fruit. I didn’t know that it was beneficial to our health. thanks for the info.

  4. I rarely here anyone speak of dates, this is very good information and thanks for sharing I also didn’t know that it had some many health benefits.

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    And i’ve gained so many pounds

    how will it on mad health rebound .

    anyway i love dates

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    as i prepare my next date…
    no no no not with u

    but with triond

  9. I also heard that dates could increase blood for people who suffers dengue fever.

  10. Truly said Eunice, thank you!

    And thank you all for the support!

  11. There’s medicine to help the body in almost every plant.Awesome and informative article on dates.

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  20. and i heard if u eat date seedsgrind it well in powder ,daily it open blocked atries of heart

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