Health Benefits of Dill. It is Widely Grown for Its Feathery is Nature’s Herbal Medicine

Dill is native to southern Russa, western Asia, and the eastern Mediterranean. Dill is widely grown for its feathery leaves and its seed. Indian dill, " sowa" is grown primarily for its seed which is lighter in color, longer and narrower than European dill seed and has a more pungent taste. It is preferred for curry mixtures.

Dill Plant in bloom.

Dill is a useful herbal medicine. Freezing preserves the flavor of dill better than drying. Freeze the stems whole in a plastic bag and cut off sprigs when needed. Add dill at the end of cooking as they loose their flavor if overheated.

Grandma’s Cures.

Dill is an appetizer, both the seeds and leaves can be used. It helps in improving digestion. Essential oils in dill help cure insomnia. Dill is rich in Vitamin-B. It helps fight stomach infection and is useful against both diarrhea and dysentery. Dill is a useful nature’s herbal medicine.

Oral Care: Dill seeds and leaves are very good mouth fresheners. Essential oils in dill are germicidal, anti oxidants and disinfectant in nature. Dill is helpful to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Its regular use after child birth improves the flow of milk.

Culinary uses.

Fresh dill is an excellent partner for fish and seafood.Scandinavian dishes include herrings marinated with dill.In northern and central Europe , dill is used with root vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower and cucumber. Some Russian cooks use it in borscht, their classic beet soup, and dill combined with sour cream and yogurt makes a good sauce for beets.

In Iran and Turkey , dill flavors rice, beans, and zucchini. Spinach with dill and shallots is a standard Iranian dish. Dill leaves and seeds are used in a lentil and spinach dish made primarily in northern India. Don’t forget dill for salads and salad dressings, especially for potato salad.

Dill leaves are good with beets,carrots, celery root, cucumber, eggs, beans, fish and sea food, potato’s, rice , spinach and zucchini. Dill seeds combine well with chilli, coriander seed, cumin, garlic,mustard seed and turmeric.

Dill is an important herbal medicine, and there are so many ways to use this nature’s gift.

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