Health Benefits of Drinking Milo with Milk

Children love it and Adults still drink it. Milo is good for those who enjoy chocolate and malt with their milk, and who doesn’t?

Milo: nutrition booster.

Milo combines the goodness of malted barley,cocoa, 6 vitamins and minerals and low GI all in the one package.

Barley: Active energy source

Barley provide a source of energy for active bodies. Simple and complex carbohydrates found in barley provide plenty of energy for our body.Carbohydrates provide energy to our muscles, energy for our brains, and help growing bodies of children.

6 Vitamins and Minerals

 6 essential vitamins and minerals are found in your average milo drink:

  • Calcium and Magnesium. Essential for our bones.
  • Iron. This helps blood cells carry oxygen
  • B vitamins (B1 & B2).
  • Vitamin C 

Rich in Protein

Protein helps our the cells of our body.

Every part of our body needs protein, such as our hair, teeth or heart. Protein also provides amino acids part of a healthy diet. Drinking Milo is good for a snack, as it makes you feel full, or satisfied between meals. Drinking it before going to bed or first thing in the morning, you can’t go wrong with a cup of nutritious Milo.

Find a list of ingredients for milo here

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