Health Benefits of Inca Berries

The health benefits of Inca berries are becoming more widely known nowadays.

This is because of the number of companies which are including the fruit in supplements and healthy drinks. Inca berries have been included in the diet of the Incas and their descendants for many years. They are thought to help increase longevity.

Inca Berries- Image via Wikimedia Commons 

Inca berries are native to South America and are known as Uvilla in Spanish. Uvilla means “little grape”. They are tasty and nutritious, so you can benefit from them by enjoying their flavor in a number of ways. These fruit are small and can be added to pastries and other dishes whole. Some persons choose to have handfuls of them as a dried snack, similar to the way that many individuals enjoy raisins.

Antioxidant Rich Navitas Naturals Inca Berries

Uvilla may be added to jams. They are rich in Vitamin C and are said to help purify the blood. 45 grams of the fruit contain:

  • 3.3g of protein
  • 1.8g soluble fiber
  • 675mg of potassium
  • 99mg pf phosphorous
  • It has a oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of 1743umolTE
  • high levels of pectin, which help to lower cholesterol
  • Secretory IgA, an antibody that helps protect the immune system

Uvilla’s oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) is an indication of its antioxidant levels. Spices, berries and other foods that are known to be antioxidants are tested in this way. This allows researchers to measure their effectiveness in preventing damage to the body’s cells. Antioxidants such as Inca berries are used in a number of supplements because they help to keep cells from dying prematurely.


Inca Berries- Image via Wikimedia Commons 

Inca berries are orange when they are dried. They are now grown in other regions of the world apart from South America, such as Australia. They are added to muesli, oats and other breakfast cereals. They can also be added to fruit or vegetable salads to give them a unique flavor.

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