Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon juice is one of many useful gifts nature has blessed us with.It is high in Vitamin C, a natural anti-aging and anti-oxidant compound.It also contains a high amount of protien and fiber, so essential for good health.Lemon juice is used as an ingredient in drinks, teas and baking desserts.

1.Beneficial Effects on Cardiovascular System:

Lemon juice can lower your blood pressure and it also reduces the blood cholesterol in form of Low Density Lipoprotiens. Its anti-oxidant property makes body more resistant to harmful chemicals in our environment.

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2.For Healthy Skin:

Lemon juice lightens the skin and removes dead cells.It makes you look younger and more fresh.The wound healing can be boosted and it can also help to treat acne.Lemon juice can be used to reduce the dark circles under the eyes and it is a very good antiseptic as well.

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3.Weight Loss:

It raises you metabolic rate, contributing to weight loss.

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4.As a Remedy for Joint Pain and Inflammation:

2 tablespoons a day in a glass of water can help in reducing the incidence of joint pain and arthritis.

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5.Improving your Digestive System:

-Helps in treating and preventing heart burn;

-Can be used to manage indigestion;

-If used with honey, can treat constipation, bloating and upset stomach;

5.Treat Cold and Cough:

Lemon juice helps in reducing the fever symptoms.It boosts your immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect as well;

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6.Improves Kidney Function:

Lemon juice can prevent the formation of kidney stones;

After reading these benefits, I hope that you come to use lemon more often for a healthy life.

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