Health Benefits of Onions – Is Onion Healthy For You?

You might be wondering if onions are healthy and nutritional for you. Onions are sometimes tasty and sometimes not. They add taste to meat products, your favorite sausages, chillies and sizzlers – even pizzas. But, are onions healthy? Do they really have great health benefits?

Onions clean your blood, body and hair!

Why not, healthy onions have great health benefits and they are being used since centuries. Onions are excellent anti-oxidants, which not only improve our immune system – but also leave various healthy results as side effects of healthy onions. Yes, there are great nutritional and general health benefits of onions.

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The Nutritional and General Health Benefits of onion in your diet:

1) Onions clean your blood. Today is the day of pollution, germs, dusts and toxins. Whenever you inhale any toxins, they get mixed with your blood and make your blood impure. But thanks to our kidney, it filters all of them and more thanks to onions (only if you eat onions), they will help the kidneys filter the blood. This is the health benefit of onions for your blood – yes, onions clean your blood.

2) Raw onions help to decrease the effect of insomnia. Eat them right before bed. Onions are surprisingly a great source of fiber too. By eating onions before sleep, you’ll not only be giving your body a boost of fiber, but also a good night’s sleep. So, you get fiber and sound sleep at the same time – healthy onions! Onions with Omega 3 containing foods like fish is a great nutritional and healthy diet.

3) Onions kill the germs responsible for cholera. Cut onions into tiny pieces and boil them in water and drink the water. This will help to kill the bacterias responsible for Cholera.

4) Onion benefits FOR MEN: If you are experiencing no interest in sexual activities, try applying the extract of onion juice from the base to the tip (caution not to dip inside) to excite yourself. Try this for 15 days for full effect.

5) Research has shown onions helpful for hair growth and strength. Onions have health benefits for your hair. Sulphides and healthy flavanoids in onions help maintain cholesterol and blood pressure – making them healthy for our body.

Nutrional Values and Components in Onions

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Carbohydrate 11%
  • Iron
  • Cartenoids
  • Zero Cholesterol


Although onions have tons of health benefits, there are some cases where you should not eat onions. Students, drivers, pilots should not consume more onions, because they induce sleep.

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