Health Benefits of Yellow Fruits and Vegetables

The health benefits of yellow-fleshed fruits and veggies.

Learning about the nutrients and health wonders that fruits and vegetables have to offer can be very inspiring and encouraging for us to always see to it that they are always served in every meal and even during snacks. It’s always good to know that the food we put into our mouth don’t just simply fill us up but more importantly, nourish and help our bodies protect and fight against different diseases and conditions.

Here’s the sixth and last part of a series about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables as categorized by the color of their skin or flesh.


slice of sweet by Darwin Bell.

photo credit

This sticky and sweet fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese, a mineral which helps the body break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It is also a good source of vitamins B1 and B6, copper and fiber. Pineapple offers antioxidant protection and immune support as well as protection for age-related eye problems. It is known for its bromelain content, an enzyme which has been found to be an anti-inflammatory agent and used for the treatment of athletic injuries, digestive problems, phlebitis, sinusitis and healing after surgery.


Lemon. by Annushka_74.

photo by Anushka 74

Lemon, just like most citrus fruits is an excellent source of vitamin C, one of the most important antioxidants found in nature.  Studies have shown that eating vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables is linked to a reduced risk of death from all causes including heart disease, stroke and cancer. The lemon’s unique flavonoids including flavonol glycosides have been found to be protective against cholera due to its antibiotic effects. Sucking on a slice of lemon is a natural way to banish bad breath.


Yellow Sunburst Squash by clayirving.

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Squashes come in different colors and sizes. Summer squash such as the yellow sunburst squash is packed with more than 20 essential nutrients. A cup is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese and a very good source of fiber, a nutrient which helps keep cancer-causing toxins away from cells in the colon. It is also rich in B complex, calcium, zinc, iron and folate.  Being a very good source of vitamin A, squashes are beneficial against cancer (especially lung cancer), heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Corn Redefined by mfrascella.

photo by mfrascella

A cup of corn contains 168 mg of phosphorus, a mineral needed by the body for strong bones and teeth since calcium alone can’t do the job. It also aids in transmission of nerve impulses, helps the kidney to effectively eliminate waste, and supplies the body with stable and plenty of energy. Corn is also a good source of vitamins B1 and B5, folate and manganese and is also rich in beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid which may lower the risk of developing lung cancer.

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