Health Dictionary

Health Dictionary.

dictionar de sanatateGiven the polluted environment we live in, busy lifestyle, stress at work and eating “at speed”, our health suffers. How about a small dictionary of health to guide you in life daily?

A – Vitamin A - vital for bone health, beautiful skin and a strong immune system. Where do we go? Yellow fruits and vegetables, eggs or food supplements.

B – Drink as much water as you can. Undoubtedly contributes water to detoxify and purify the body .

C – Citrus fruits , a lot of vitamins, thee of cold and gives you energy.

D – Detoxification is an excellent method of energizing. Plus you get rid of some extra pounds. Try to minimize your consumption of salt, sugar, coffee and alcohol.

E – Vitamin E , excellent antioxidant, prevents heart disease, skin tone.

F - Fresh Fruit . Squeezed or natural state, make sure fruits are part of your diet.

G – Wheat , eating bread made ​​from wheat products.

H – Homeopathy . Call to homeopathic remedies for your body’s natural healing.

I – Inspiration / expiration . Do not forget to draw a deep breath whenever you feel the need.

J - Jogging  . Activities that stimulate nearly every muscle in your body, an outdoor running is the best choice to make a move and get rid of daily life.

L – Dairy . Excellent source of calcium, dairy products should not miss the daily diet.

M – Massage . The best way to relax, massage is welcome anytime, anywhere and anyone. If you add the fact that we get rid of cellulite, you could say it’s “all in one.”

N – Nutrition . Do not neglect what / how ingestion of whether it’s a normal day, one or more special holidays. No longer count on “There’s nothing that I do not eat every day, because we add little bit worse is that it becomes habit.

O – Oral Hygiene . Your teeth need at least 2 times a day brushing and conscientious.

P – A condom . Protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy at the time.

R – Relaxation . Remained devoted even less free time available to your psyche.

S – Sex . Why is sex healthy?

T – Tone . Remember that your body needs toning and pampering, skin hydration and regeneration, and release your mind and relax.

V – Fri . Dictionary of Health recommend you end up with a glass of red wine to detach yourself from everyday worries and give vent to his feelings.

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  3. Great dictionary! All extremely worthy, but I do love ”i”. Such a simple thing, but it can do so much.

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