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Steps we all need to take to lead a healthy lifestyle. (vitamins)

Here are the steps that we all need to take in order to lead a healthy-lifestyle:

We all need to eat healthy diets that suit our nutritional needs. We all have different nutritional needs , some of us may need more Iron in our diets, some of us, might need more Calcium in our diets, or even Zinc.  It’s always a good idea to get tested for any type of vitamin deficiency that could affect our overall health. For example some people take multivitamins, when they are only deficient in one vitamin, and so they end up getting an excess amount of vitamins instead of just taking the needed vitamin supplement that they are deficient in.

Another mistake some people make, is taking multivitamins in place of eating healthy. Taking multivitamins alone will not help a person if they are consuming an unhealthy diet.  Multi Vitamins take complete the vitamins needs that food alone is not able to take care of.  For example a person may eat an healthy diet and still have vitamin defficianies and so they may need to take a multivitamin, or another specific vitamin pill.

There are different ways a person can get their daily dose of needed vitamins, Fortified drinks or foods. For example some Orange Juices are fortified with calcium.

There are some powders like fiber powders that can be added to smoothies.

There are chewable vitamins, people, who don’t like swallowing pills with water, may prefer to have chewable vitamins in place of pills that need to be taken with water.

There are pills that melt into water. Yet another easy way a person to take in vitamins that they need.


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