Healthy Meals

A balanced diet means taking the right food in the right proportions.

To stay healthy and fit we must eat the right kind of food. We get all the energy to live and work from the food we eat. We get important substances called nutrients from the food we eat. To have a balanced diet, we must eat food from various groups like carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber. Some vitamins and minerals are also essential. Cereals and vegetables are good to eat because they have a high content of fiber.

Fiber helps other foods to pass easily through the digestive system. Cereals have a high content of proteins too. Proteins repair and rebuild the dead and decayed tissues of our body. Breads and pastas are high on carbohydrates and give us energy needed for everyday work. Cheese, butter and milk are high on fat content. Fats are stored in the body for future use. Out diet should contain the right balance of all these nutrients, then only it will be called a balanced diet. We must drink a lot of water every day. Fish and eggs are a good source of proteins and vitamins.

Proteins Food

Fat Food

Carbohydrates Food

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