Herbs That Keep Your Liver Healthy

The resilience of your liver is remarkable, yet it is not invulnerable to disease, but there are certain herbs that are beneficial to your liver.

It is commonly known that your liver can regenerate itself, which is good, since it plays key roles, such as producing proteins, blood-clotting chemicals, as well as other essential substances that help purify your blood and store vitamins.  However, your liver can be vulnerable to toxic chemicals. About thirty years ago,  scientists in Germany were engaged in a study of certain fruits, and managed to isolate a mixture of chemicals known as flavonolignans, which they named silymarin.

For many years, several clinical trials continued to investigate the liver-protective properties of concentrated milk thistle extract and concluded that a daily 200 to 400 mg of silymarin was an effective, supportive treatment for chronic inflammatory liver disease and hepatic cirrhosis.  Since then, milk thistle preparations containing 70% silymarin have been marketed as approved drugs in Germany.

In the case of alcohol-related liver damage, milk thistle improves the survival time and general health of patients.  This, of course, may not by itself come to the rescue of alcoholics.  In order for milk thistle to work effectively, alcoholics must stop drinking in order to recover from the ill effects of the abuse.

Another liver-friendly herb is tumeric which helps increase the flow of bile from the liver.

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