High Fat Diets Versus Low Fat Diets: Advantages and Disadvantages

An article describing the facts on both high-fat diets and low-fat diets, their advantages and disadvantages, and my opinions on these diets. I also describe which diet I believe to be better.

Everybody has different beliefs, attitudes, and misconceptions towards both high fat diets and low fat diets. Many folks don’t do their own research but follow what mainstream media tells them is good and bad for their body. So I’m going to share my opinions and facts that I have found through research about both diets and how they affect human health, enjoy! I don’t believe that neither diet is better for everyone. I think that the suitable diet depends on a person’s physical activity, lifestyle, weight, health, and food portions.

A high-fat diet is a diet in which a person’s average breakfast, lunch, and dinner is based around foods that are high in fat, saturated fats, trans fats, carbohydrates, sugar, calories, and sodium. Lots of people have lost weight with a high fat diet. Sounds crazy, right? The key is switching out food with sugary carbs for foods with a high fat content. High fat and low carbs can lead to ketosis, a process that burns the fat off your body. When the human body can’t get its energy from carbohydrates, it starts to use fats as a primary source of its energy supplying the brain and muscles. Does this sound too good to be true? Well it is. Once you stop this diet your body will start to use carbohydrates as a primary source of energy again. This in turn stops burning fat so frequently. By eating less carbs you’re also cutting out many plant-based foods that benefit you.

As you already know, high-fat diets don’t have many advantages except the one above under certain circumstances. Since most people who eat a high fat diet don’t pay attention to carbs they won’t have any health benefits. Being overweight or obese, or getting coronary heart or having a stroke and clogged arteries all result from consuming too many unhealthy fatty foods. These foods lead to many other diseases too, for example heart disease can result from Saturated and Trans fat while arthritis can result from excessive fat. Some popular foods that apply to the high-fat diet include: Candy, Fried foods, Pastries, Chips, Frozen dairy, Canned soups, T.V. Dinners, Cured Meats, Sausages, Fish, Avocado, Peanut Butter, and Eggs.

Keep in mind that fat doesn’t equal bad. Peanut butter, Avocado, Eggs, Fish, and many other foods that are high in fat are very healthy for you. It’s evident that fatty artificial foods and snacks are the culprits of bad eating habits.

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