How Chinese People Stay Thin

Diet tips for staying healthy.

Have you ever wondered why Chinese women are so thin?

Here are some tips which explains their diets and how they manage to keep their weight down.

- Chinese people eat small portions of food. Even though there maybe alot of food on a plate it is often shared and its ok not to finish all the food and save it for later.

- Eat more small meals throughout the day rather than big meals less often in the day. Eating small portions of food is better for your metabolism and digestion.  Eat until you do not feel hungry rather than stopping when you are feeling full.

-Breakfast is often plain and not necessarily breakfast type foods like cereal. It maybe eggs, bread, rice porridge or noodles. Typical breakfasts in Western society tends to be full of sugar.

- Food often contains alot of fresh vegetables.

- Don’t eat too late. Dinner should be eaten before 8pm so it allows the digestive system to have time to work before you go to bed.

- Drink chinese tea. Tea is healthy drink and does not contain sugar, artifical flavors or chemical like cola or juices.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  2. Thanks some great diet ideas

  3. Ive found that eating smaller portions but more often has helped me to lose some weight – thanks great article!

  4. Some good advice on how to lose weight.

  5. These are great insights for dieting.

  6. Great tips, cheers

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