How is Coca-cola Useful/Harmful

This is a very interesting article about how Colas can harm your human body.

How do Coke and such drinks affect your body?

  Did you know that coke could destroy your human body? 

 About 2 months ago, my cousin took off his tooth…after he did; he left it in a Coca Cola can for about 2 days, and the tooth dissolved

So if Coke can dissolve one of your strongest body parts, then imagine what is happening with your other body parts such as your pancreas or stomach…

  Coke contains massive amounts of sugar, which are very harmful to your body; Colas also contain ethylene glycol, which is used in anti-freeze.   Ethylene glycol is a slow poison, it will not kill you if you have it in small quantities but it will kill you in large quantities.  That does not mean the small quantities are very harmless however, your body has to work hard to protect itself from various poisons, and these battles often leave scars.  The more scars on any given organ, the weaker it is and the less likely it is to function in old age. 

The last major reason cola’s are bad for you is the extremely high acidity.  The pH for colas is around 3.4, strong enough to dissolve teeth and bones.  The acid is also due to high mineral contents, and people, high mineral intake can lead to, *gulp*, kidney stones. Not to mention that the high acid level is the main cause of tooth decay.  That is right it’s not the sugar in coke that will cause cavities it’s the high acidity.

There is also a secret ingredient, although I doubt it’s significantly harmful, it’s called Merchandise 7X 

ABOUT 3 MONTHS AGO THERE was a contest of who drinks more “COKES” and the person who won the contest died right on the spot after he drank 8 cokes continuously!

Now this is how Coke can sometimes be useful.

Some people in CHINA use coke to clean there toilets, they simply pour a can of COKE into their toilet and leave it for like 1 hour…after leaving it for 1 hour u can now flush urn toilet, the massive amounts of acids contained in COKE destroy each and every bacteria or dirt found on the toilet!

  Give old coins a soak in Coke. This gives a brilliant shine for collections and decorative items.

some people also loosen rusty bolts by soaking a rag in COKA COLA and wrapping it around the bolt…leave it for a few hours and it will be easy to remove.

I hope you like it. And try to keep your body healthy and don’t drink too much of these harmful drinks

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  26. hmmm. where did you get all that info from?
    it can dissolve your teeth (and I know it can) fair enough. But but the stomach and intestines are made of completely different substances, so you cannot assume the same will happen to them. So yeah, rant over.

  27. That’s scary for the harmful side but pretty beneficial.

  28. I think your supposed to be commenting on the guide, not about your personal life…

    I think this guide is great and very helpful.
    I didn’t know most of the things Coca-Cola┬« could do to your body and how it can be useful in more ways than one.


  29. very informative but did you know that the ingredient of coke the cola bean (bissy) is used to rid your body of poisons but you don’t have to drink coke to get it you can find it in supermarkets in the tea section. Speaking of health and nutritional products and also business opportunity visit

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