How Soft Drinks Can Weaken Your Bones and Make You Age Faster

Some people casually brush aside the ill effects of having too many soft drinks. They don’t know that it could weaken your bones and make you age faster.

When I was a child then, my auntie would ask me to run and buy softdrink for her. It’s already a normal part of her daily life to drink at least a 250 ml bottle of softdrink each time she takes her meal or snacks. It would have been beneficial at such point for her because she can easily burp out the gas in her stomach.

There is common belief that softdrinks hasten food digestion. Indeed, scientific studies point out that sofdrinks have high acidic pH. This, however, can upset the acid-alkali balance of the stomach. It is possible that when one is dependent on it to digest food, then he or she is hooked for life.

Some thirty years later my auntie is a crippled woman on a wheel chair. The reason: she fell on her side, not that bad, but her bones easily broke. The doctor said she had acute case of osteoporosis and it will be very difficult to repair the broken bone at her age.

What’s in the Carbonated Soft Drinks?

Softdrinks can weaken our bones aside from other ingredients which likewise pose health risks. If you would look at the contents of the bottled softdrinks here are the ingredients: phosphoric acid, caffeine, artificial flavoring or sweetener, carbonated water, among others, usually preservatives.

Phosphoric acid

Many studies pointed out that Phosphoric acid contained in many soft drinks has been correlated to lower bone density or in its worse state, osteoporosis. It’s like having your bone pockmarked by small holes, thus making it susceptible to breakage. In fact, dentists use phosphoric acid to clean the enamel of the teeth, of course in controlled amounts.

An archaeologist dug the bones of a woman who lived thousands of years ago. Upon laboratory analysis, they found out that her bone density is way high above that of contemporary women.  According to experts, nutrition has something to do with it. Of course, there were no softdrinks around that time yet. Osteoporosis most probably was non-existent.


Caffeine is is a stimulant that can keep you awake. That’s good if you’re rushing out some work but on the negative side, caffeine intake would cause addiction. Besides, it can cause insomnia. Whenever I take softdrinks late in the afternoon, my sleep is disturbed in the evening.

Caffeine can also lead to increased risk of osteoporosis and kidney stones. On the more serious effects, caffeine is linked to miscarriage and low birth-weight infants as well as high blood pressure.

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  1. wow… I have to show this to my boyfriend… like your aunt, he too is a softdrink addict. for him, softdrink is his oxygen… uh-oh!

    i know that he is aware it’s not good for him, but he just can’t help it. i’m trying to help him though…

    thankz for the article… very informative.

  2. My husband will see this article. He is 48 years old and health conscious, but does drink soft drinks. Lately though, he’s been moving around in bed and moaning like he was about to die. When I asked him about it, he said his bones hurt. Hmmmm. Too much coke? Thanks for caring enough about people to let them know.

  3. It’s great to know people benefit from my article. Welcome jhenz and anja.

  4. My daughter at 2 years old, already love to drink coke. I planned not to let her drink soft drink till she’s 7 yo, but at parties coke are always served. One time I saw her got the empty can of coke and (left over by another child) and as a mother I pitied. It’s a delimma but good to be reminded of this fact. Thanks.

  5. Can you site any actual resent studies that prove carbonation from soft drinks cause a dangerous loss of calsium? According to Dr. Connie Weaver, a calsium expert who is also professor and department head of foods and nutrition at Purdue University, ther is no evidence to support this claim. In 2001, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study which concluded that any effect on bone associated with carbonated drinks stem ONLY from lowered calcium intake due to displacement of milk as a beverage.

  6. Hello Michelle,
    Here’s a lengthy discussion on research findings about softdrinks:

    There is always error involved in scientific studies and no one can be absolutely certain about their conclusions. Reliability depends a great deal on who conducted the studies and if they did it systematically and without bias. Through time, the issue will be much clearer. For me, it is better to take preventive steps rather than cure.

    Anyway, what’s wrong with consuming natural foods and drinks. Nothing beats pure, clean water.

  7. Where’s your information coming from?

  8. good article and inormation. Now I’m happy because I don’t drink such colddrinks.

  9. Anything you can pour on a car, wait till the next day, then go back and the paint has been BURNED off the car, cant be good for you.

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