How to Bake a Potato Recipe

This is a short description of how to bake potato and the recipe is a quick fix for the health conscious.

With the changing of lifestyles, people have become conscious of their health and more so what they eat. People have realized it is cheaper to prevent with the souring cost of health care doubling over the years. Hiring nutrition specialist is also a tall order for majority of people.  Most of health related ailments are self imposed through the kind of foods consumed. Consciousness has also led to governments spending some substantial amount of capital to mitigate against ailments attributed to foods. There has also been some efforts from non governmental organizations to educate consumers on what is healthy and what is not. Subsequently there are governments agencies set up to ensure that food stuffs in the market meet some set standards.

Multinationals on the other hand have upped their game to sell in their processed foods. These come with fancy names and very catchy advertisements to woo their victims. Consumers usually fall for these elaborate promises of results which in turn affects their health. Take for example, a simple orange can be a healthy product when taken fresh but it can be a health hazard when packaged and some chemicals and preservatives added.

There are traditional foods which if prepared and cooked well are good for health. If you look at this Bake a Potato Recipe below them you will agree with me that we can live a healthy and long life if we bake our own potatoes as compares to those French fries. Firstly, all you need are the normal potatoes, some oil especially vegetable oil, salt, and pepper which optional and sea salt. Prepare the potatoes by cleaning and slightly rubbing off the skin and using your finger nails to clean the potato eyes. Use your normal folk to stab each individual potato for stem build up during cooking to ease off. Dry them with a towel while you preheat your oven to approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Coat each with oil of your choice and then put them in the oven. The cooking duration will depend on the size of potatoes though one hour should be the average. Potatoes seam to retain a lot of heat and when full cooked they will appear puffy. Wait for a while before cutting them out to serve. This method ensures no much additional fatty acids are added into your body as well as no nutrients are lost during cooking.

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