How to Choose a Balanced Diet

Health is very important to our lives. One of the ways our health is to maintain a balanced diet.

Balanced food pyramid should be a source of reference to determine a balanced diet that should be a person. But if we collect all the food are usually undertaken by the public, perhaps not much variety of food consumed – probably about 12 types of Profiles. 

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If observed, the days we eat food that is similar – throughout our lives. Not many variations, so do not be surprised if we have some health problems. Even though a person is less knowledgeable about a balanced diet, the probability of getting less nutrients is low, if he eats fruits and vegetables of different colors, purple, green, orange and others compared to only take the type of food. 

More variations or types of food consumed the higher the probability of getting the necessary nutrients the body. If budget is an issue, one needs to obtain information about the necessary nutrients (protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). When buying food at markets or supermarkets, choose foods high in nutrients or nutrients. If buying processed foods, read the nutritional information printed on wrapping or packaging. 

Recognizing the public’s awareness of balanced diet needs of a growing, restaurants including fast-food restaurant chain began offering more nutritious foods in their restaurants. Armed with knowledge about nutrition, we can make the right choice when visiting the restaurant. 

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