How to Clean Blockages From Clogged Heart Arteries

December 2006, I was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. I had blockage in my artery which made the circulation slow. A catheter was inserted in my femoral artery near my groin. The wire like insertion went through the artery into the coronary arteries. In the x-ray it showed a blockage. I was diagnosed for bypass surgery. I refused the surgery at my own risk. I took a chance with my life and returned without the surgery. I started eating right and doing simple exercises. It is my 4th year and I am doing fine. I go for my regular check ups every six months. My cholesterol and diabetes both are under control.

 Diagnosed with a blockage in one of the arteries I was asked to reevaluate my decision for surgery. The blood flow was slow and in one of my arteries the passage narrow. I still refused the surgery. Within a week I was discharged from the hospital. I started eating the right foods, took heart healthy supplements to avoid heart attack or stroke. My blood flow improved with increased oxygen supply to the cells. For a healthy heart I avoided unnecessary stress, did regular exercises, avoided all fried foods and took heart healthy supplements like magnesium, omega–3 oils and a glass of red wine every alternate day. I  feel Strong and healthy at heart. 
 Eating heart healthy foods can prevent coronary heart diseases or heart attack. Healthy foods can clear away the plague build-up in arteries. Fresh produce and eating a heart- healthy diet  protects blood vessels and clears radicals in the bloodstream. Heart-protective foods like whole grains, kidney beans, beans and legumes, dark green vegetables, nuts, fatty fish, and all types of teas. With some lifestyle changes we can seriously reduce the chances of heart attack or a coronary artery disease.  I survived by changing my lifestyle, avoided  all the bad  foods and started eating heart healthy foods on a daily basis. 

 Onions improves blood circulation and removes blockages from clogged arteries, raw onions in salads or sautéed with little or without oil. Fresh chunky salsa with crushed onions, garlic, tomatoes with a pinch of sea salt is  good for the heart. Onions can be cooked or eaten raw.  Drink a glass of warm water after every meal it helps with digestion. Onions opens a smoother passage inside the arteries. Onions dissolves clots floating in our bloodstream. Lentils have high proteins, red lentils have certain components that help to remove calcification of the arteries and prevent the narrowing of arteries. 
 Products we use almost in all our cooking. Below is a very effective recipe it improves poor blood circulation and naturally dissolves blood clots. It increases antioxidant protection in our body,  helps with the dilation of arteries, strengthens the immune system
and helps the heart to function normally

The Recipe
1/2 teaspoon of Carom Seed Powder
1/2 teaspoon of unrefined sugarcane sugar – in block form
1-2 cloves of Garlic (crushed or powdered)
1/2 teaspoon of Ghee
Mix all this ingredients into a paste and swallow it.
Within 15-20 minutes the heart rate will go up (80bpm) to Normal

Consult your doctor or a qualified medical professional before taking any supplement!
My case is with  H.C.H.D in Houston, Texas.

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