How to Eat Healthy at Cracker Barrel Restaurant

Cracker Barrel Restaurants with their old-fashioned southern style of cooking is a tempting place to stop on a road trip. With southern style cooking, it can be a challenge to find a healthy offering. Here are some tips on how to eat healthy at Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

If you’re on the road traveling and looking for a quick and healthy bite to eat, you may be attracted by one of the Cracker Barrel Restaurant signs prominently displayed by the side of the highway. Cracker Barrel Restaurants with their warm and welcoming southern theme has earned a reputation as a haven for weary travelers to dine and relax in an old-fashioned rocking chair on their front porch. Although the restaurant emphasizes traditional southern cooking which isn’t characteristically a healthy cuisine, with a little perseverance and planning, you can put together a heart healthy meal that won’t pack on the pounds. Here are some ideas on how to eat healthy at Cracker Barrel Restaurant:

Choose a vegetable plate

While the emphasis at Cracker Barrel may not be on non-meat items, they do have a good selection of vegetables, although many are prepared southern style which makes them higher in fat. Some good choices from their menu include applesauce, pinto beans, turnip greens, sweet baby carrots, and corn. In addition, they offer a vegetable of the day which varies depending upon when you visit. Cracker Barrel also offers cottage cheese which is a good way to round out your vegetable plate with some protein. You may have to ask for it as it isn’t always on the menu. You always have the option of substituting a house salad for any vegetable on the vegetable plate.

Check their daily specials

Cracker Barrel has entrée specials that vary depending on what day you dine. Although some of the choices are unhealthy, if you’re there on a Thursday, you can order turkey and dressings with three vegetables. Ask them to go light on the dressing and put the gravy on the side for a tasty and healthy dinner. On Monday, they serve butter baked chicken that can be made healthier by peeling off the outer skin.

Choose an entrée salad

Cracker Barrel offers a variety of entrée salads including an oven roasted turkey salad and grilled chicken salad which are healthy options if you ask them to hold the cheese and croutons. They also offer a standard tossed salad which can be served as a side with any meal. Better-for-you dressing choices include an apple cider vinegar/olive oil dressing as well as a fat free Italian option.

Low carb options

Cracker Barrel offers a low carb menu section but most of the entrée options are high in fat if you’re not on a low carb diet. One exception might be the spicy grilled catfish fillets that comes with three side items. Choose a salad and two vegetables as your side dishes and you have the makings of a healthy and filling dinner.

You may want to avoid the tempting desserts that come in huge bowls. Instead, get a traveler’s cup of their delicious Southern style iced tea and rest on the spacious southern style porch before continuing on your journey.

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  1. I am often tempted by all the sauces and gravies. Thank you for healthy suggestions.

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