How to Eat Vegetarian at Ruby Tuesday’s Restaurant

Although Rub Tuesday restaurant isn’t known for being vegetarian friendly, it does offer some fresh and healthy options for those who don’t eat meat. Here’s how to eat vegetarian at Ruby Tuesday’s.

If you’re committed to eating a vegetarian diet but spend much of your time eating out, you know what a challenge it can be to find healthy, vegetarian items at the majority of restaurants. It seems most menus are laden with high fat meat entrees with little focus on vegetables. Fortunately, some chain restaurants seem to be getting the message and adding some relatively healthy vegetarian offerings. One example is Ruby Tuesday Restaurant. Although they have their share of meat dishes, they do have viable options for those who eat vegetarian. Here are some vegetarian choices at Ruby Tuesday restaurant:


Although appetizers aren’t the healthiest fare at most restaurants, Ruby Tuesday does have some tasty appetizers that aren’t tremendously bad. If you’re not watching your carbs, they offer several vegetarian dips served with tortilla chips. These include the spinach artichoke dip as well as the fresh guacamole dip. The spinach artichoke dip does have parmesan cheese which means it’s not vegan friendly. Either of these dips is a good way to start a meal as long as you don’t eat too many chips!


Probably the most exciting vegetarian option at Ruby Tuesday is their large, well stocked salad bar. Their mixed green lettuce is even advertised as being organic. You’ll find almost everything you need here to create a healthy, vegetarian salad here including unusual items such as edamame and several types of beans. This is a good way to get your protein if you don’t plan on ordering an entrée. If you want to add a soup to your salad, they have a fresh broccoli soup that tastes delicious although it’s high in fat with the added cream and cheese.


Unfortunately, Ruby Tuesday falls short when it comes to vegetarian entrees. If you eat vegetarian, your best bet is to stick with the salad bar and order some of their side items. It’s unfortunate with the wide range of burgers on their menu that they don’t currently offer a vegetarian burger. Fortunately, their salad bar and sides are substantial enough to give you a full vegetarian meal.

Side Items

This is an area where Ruby Tuesday is strong relative to other chain restaurants. If you eat vegetarian, you’ll find a variety of healthy side items that can be turned into a meal. Their sautéed baby portabella mushrooms are a nice meat substitute with their rather “meaty” texture. You can combine the mushrooms with a serving of brown rice pilaf (a pleasant change from overprocessed white rice) and have a healthy side dish. Other vegetable side dishes include baby green beans, steamed broccoli, as well as a delicious, low carb mashed cauliflower. If you don’t mind a few extra carbs, they have both mashed and baked potatoes which are quite filling. This is a restaurant where you can get a real vegetable plate without spending a fortune. Their tomato and mozzarella salad is light and delicious on a hot summer evening.

If you eat vegetarian, Ruby Tuesday can be a healthy option for a good lunch or dinner particularly if you order the salad bar.

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