How to Get Rid of a Cold and Keep Colds Away

Colds and flues are very common ailments we encounter them so often .It is important to know how to avoid them.

Keshew! keshew! …that sound like the start of a cold , yours eyes become watery and itchy  and your nose turns into a rivulet .You are irritable and don’t feel like yourself  foods you usually enjoy are tasteless.These are few of the  many symptoms that individuals experience  when they have the flu or cold.What do they do about it, cough and spit all around so that some one else gets infected or treat it?Treating  the condition is your best option and treat it fast or you may end up with other complications.

Have you forgotten your Vitamin C ? This essential vitamin is found in citrus fruits and some vegetables ,in tomatoes for example ,so don’t worry if you can’t afford all the fruits  because you have used the money on other things ;buy some tomatoes.The price of oranges are reasonable so you should be able to afford a dozen.

Remember ! It is the amount you take  that matters ,,just take enough .One school of thought says Vitamin C IS NOT STORED IN THE BODYfor any length of time, THE DAYS AMOUNT IS USED, THE REST DISCARDED. There is still another  opinion that it is stored  in the liver for three months ,however  it is important that we take our vitamins every day..Another essential element that can be added to supress coughs is garlic  just strip a peg crush with the back of a spoon and add to one glass of orange juice . There is no need to swallow the garlic   just stir it in the juice and drink .Take care until next time.

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