How to Increase The Defenses Eating

There are foods that can protect more than others from the evils of the season.

How does the body react to the change of season?

At each change of season, the body needs to adapt to climatic changes.  When autumn is coming  the situation is more important than ever, since it is precisely during this period of the year that a feeling of tiredness, lack of concentration and general malaise tends to be felt  in many people, regardless of sex or age.

The secret is definitely a correct diet also to strengthen the immune system, in anticipation of flu. We should follow a balanced diet rich in foods of autumn, giving us a proper intake of vitamins, minerals and protein of high biological value.

Does body weight affects physical health?

Even the daily calorie intake and body weight can affect the immune system. Diets that provide less than 1,200 calories daily weaken immune function, but also the excessive thinness or obesity are two risk conditions.

The superfoods for not getting sick: whole grains

Eating whole grains for breakfast guarantees an optimal source of vitamin B6, essential to the process of recognition of viruses or bacteria.

The superfoods for not getting sick: parmesan

It’s one of the best sources of protein, but also a special concentrate of vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron.

The superfoods for not getting sick: the wheat germ

It contains vitamin E. A recent study has shown that vitamin E  slows  the decline of immune functions and induces a better response to vaccination. You can add wheat germ to salads, cereals for breakfast, to the foods in general. You can  take it in doses of two teaspoons a day.

The superfoods for not getting sick: fish and seafood

They contains to zinc, the mineral key to the smooth functioning of the immune system.

Also you have to eat kiwi, peppers,  oranges, currants and broccoli.

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  1. Well done…

  2. Great article. Knock on wood. maybe that’s why I hardly ever get sick since I love to eat. Breakfast is an important meal like u said.

  3. It sure helps

  4. LA…interesting article on some of the “super” foods. As a vegan, I can handle most of the items listed…those that I can’t I get appropriate substitutions. Thanks for the research and for your submission.

  5. good research, and very good work..thanks for posting..

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  7. I have to swallow many of those horse-pill vitamins everyday, I should just give up on food. Lol, great write anyway!

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