How to Reverse Gray Hair with Good Nutrition

The condition of your hair is an indication of the state of your overall health. Gray hair may be the sign of a more serious problem.

When you hear people say gray hair is a crown of splendor, charming, attractive or that is just part of aging do not believe it. The idea that gray hair is a normal part of aging may be harmful to your overall health.  This is why just covering it up with dangerous, chemical hair dyes is not the answer.

Gray hair is a signal the body is under some kind of stress and, in most cases, it is deficient in an important aspect of nutrition.

Commonly cited causes of hair turning gray include stress, poor digestion and thyroid malfunction, all which are ultimately related to inadequate nutrition.

Many cases of graying hair can be reversed with proper dietary nutrition, which is the main factor in the health of your hair and maintaining over-all health.

Most cases of gray hair can be traced to deficiencies in certain vitamin, in particular, A, B-complex, C and E and the four necessary minerals, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese.

Certain foods can help provide many of these nutrients.  For example:

Shellfish such as crab, lobster, shrimp and clams all contain natural iodine and copper, essential
to keeping your hair and skin healthy. Include in your diet beef and poultry for protein.

Include beans and legumes along with yams, greens and plenty of berries, especially the dark red berries, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Good vitamin B-enriched foods are black strap molasses, bananas, carrots, green vegetables, brewers yeast, yogurt, wheat germ and liver.

Also needed are foods rich in iodine and iron to restore hair to its natural color and health. Foods
high in iodine include anabas, cheddar cheese, seafood and carrots. Liver, sardines, eggs, wheat
and sunflower seeds are packed with iron.

The amount of these nutrients you need may vary from person to person.  What works for one person doesn’t always work for the next.  One researcher, Thomas Xander, found that most traditional folk remedies for gray hair reversal have similar nutritional components.

 In his book, “Natural Remedies for Reversing Gray Hair: Nutrition and Herbs for Anti-aging and Optimum Health,” he illustrates the relationship between many of these remedies and their nutritional components.  He asserts that the primary cause of all gray hair is nutritional deficiencies and shows you how to design a custom made gray hair reversal for yourself using the information he provides and simple medical radiesthesia.

So, don’t learn to live with or love your gray hair!  Listen to your body when it is telling you something is wrong.  Some vitamin deficiencies lead to serious disease.

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  1. Thanks for the info

  2. this is very interesting to read. i will go a long way educating people on how best they will go by what I have gotten from your article. thanks.

  3. Judy, that’s interesting and something I have never heard before.

  4. Much to everyones surprise I am proud of my greying hair. I eat all the above foods, so they may have slowed the process as it has taken until over 60 for me to turn grey. My mother was grey at 50 and she also ate all the above. No matter what is said, I am proud of this aging process.

  5. Caught me by surprise, but then again health is very important.
    Awesome piece.

  6. Great read, but the reason I’m Grey is because my wife spends all my money!!!!!!!!!

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