Hypervitaminosis: Vitamin Pills or Magic Bullets?

Vitamin pills can never be a substitute for natural food and their nutrient resources.

Hypervitaminosis: Vitamin Pills or Magic Bullets?

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Vitamin tablets

One of the most common prescriptions that a patient asks his doctor to prescribe to him is the vitamin supplements or tablets. Parents, who always want their children to perform well in exams and sports, insist the doctors to give them vitamin prescription. Nevertheless, these vitamin pills are not magic bullets that can prevent and cure all the diseases.

These pills can never be a substitute for natural food and their nutrient resources. Normally, vitamin supplements are given to people whose diet does not provide adequate quantity of vitamins. Pregnant women and nursing mother need vitamin supplement to nurture the growing foetus and breastfeeding infant.


Those who depend on vitamin supplements for their nutritional fulfilment should also be aware of the side effects caused by prolonged intake of these supplements, because Hypervitaminosis can be very serious problem.

Excess of vitamins or hypervitaminosis can cause headache, nausea, vomiting, hair fall, dry skin, thickening of skin, etc. In aged people, it may lead to bone fractures.

High dosage of vitamin C in blood can cause loss of appetite, nausea, excessive thirst, vomiting, tiredness, formation of kidney stones and can also lead to renal failure. Renal failure or kidney malfunctioning can be serious illness and may require a transplant too. If not diagnosed early, it can even lead to death.

Vitamin E is generally taken to cure pains in hands and legs and tiredness. Excess of vitamin E causes fatigue, nausea, vomiting and bleeding.

Vitamin B6 is generally prescribed for menstrual problems and has to be taken for a prolonged period. Long-term intake of vitamin B6 pills (hypervitaminosis) causes weakness of nerves, numbness of hands and legs and imbalance in walking.

Caution: Vitamin supplements, tablets and other drugs should always be consumed under a doctor’s prescription and advice.


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  13. Hypervitaminosis is a serious problem.But most of the people go for vitamin pills only under the prescription of doctors.How can we blame them? Then how to prevent them from hypervitaminosis?

  14. Wow, even excessive vitamins are not good, just like anything else. Great post Doc :)

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  29. You have a doctorate in zoology and you are giving medical advice?
    I didn’t know that yo have to go to a doctor for a vitamin “prescription”, as here in the US vitamins are on shelves in the store and you just buy them. Somehow this article is making vitamins sound like medicine, which they aren’t. Vitamins are important, most people don’t know which vitamins they are lacking, and you really have to eat a lot of vitamins, and I mean a real lot of vitamins, before you “overdose”.
    Maybe you should stick to zoology.

  30. @LewSethics… : Zoology is not confined to studying animals friend, it also deals with study of human systems and health. Hope I have confined myself to the knowledge I possess through research and studies published elsewhere…

    Only a lot is not overdose, some may be needed just a little more to give a hyper -effect.

  31. If people want to take nutritional suppliments it should be liquid.. or they should try taking whole food suppliments instead!

    I agree with the post about overdosing – but if you take more than you need you just usually pee them out so are wasting money. I do know that too much Vitamin A can be bad, and some will interfeer with what others do.

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  39. Thank you for your information, however some is misleading to a person not knowing anything. I take lots of vitamins and no prescription was needed for any of them.I take no other form of pills and I am a very healthy 66 year old lady.

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  51. I take Vitamin tablets and Krill Oil. All can be obtained without perscription from the UK’s best selling health store. You can buy them practically anyway infact. I never heard it should be taken under doctors advise, only if your pregnant or got another medical condition. Vitamin tablets are essential for your health and Omega 3 is needed to reduce bad fats in your system. I think this should be promoted rather than making sure you have the doctors advise.

    Still good article.

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