Mangosteen Vs. Noni Juice

There are a lot of these new miracle juices coming out lately. Which one is the best? Mangosteen or Noni Juice?

There’s been a lot of talk in the natural remedy world about Mangosteen juice and Noni juice.
What are they? What do they do? Which is better? Since I’m fascinated with the natural remedy world… I had to do some
research and find out about these two new miracle juices and if what they claim is true.

Mangosteen is a scientific name for Garcinia mangostana, belongs to the Guttiferae family. This fruit tree is no relations to the
mango (which I thought at first) is cultivated in the tropical regions of Thailand, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philppines, Australia, Puerto
Rico, and Hawaii. There is more to mangosteen than meets the eye… it has been used for medical purposes for years by natives of
southeast Asia. Mangosteen is believed to treat effectively headaches, fever, infections, pain, skin rashes, intestinal problems, allergies,
diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression. It can be uses as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-parasitic. What makes Mangosteen powerful
enough to do all of this? Mangosteen is supposedly packed with a compound called Xanthones which is rare to find naturally. The
effect Xanthones have in the human body has amazed scientist and more research is being done on this powerful compound and this
fruit. It’s been thousands of positive testimonials on this juice and how it has worked in solving and maintain people health. The first
company to produce this juice is Xango. Xango juice is Mangosteen. This juice is very new to the market. It is said to strengthen the
immune system and works perfectly with your body. Along with other things it claims to have a very good natural taste to it… unlike
other juices. Xango juice sells for about $39.95 retail for one bottle.

Noni Juice is Morinda Citrifolia from the noni fruit tree in Tahiti. It is known as a super fruit. It’s been used for thousands of years… to
maintain a healty immune system and heal. Noni juice can increase mental clarity, circulatory system, digestive system, and improve
the look of your skin and hair. Noni Juice has been out in the market for over 10 years. It has branched off into not only juices but into
skin care lines also… with cleansers, masks, lotions, and many other beauty care varieties. It’s all sow being used in a tea form. You can
get Noni juice at many local health food stores, online, or via catalog. Noni juice has many loyal customers that live by the juice. Noni
juice sells for about $29.95 retail for one bottle to $12.99 retail for one bottle. It’s many different kinds of Noni juice being sold on the
market today… so you have to be very careful at whether or not it’s in its purest form when buying noni juice.

There are a few differences between Mangosteen Xango Juice and Noni juice. Mangosteen Xango Juice is a very new product it
seems to be a little more powerful than Noni juice because of it’s ability to control and heal pain. That’s the only claim that Noni
Juice doesn’t have. Although it’s harder to get a bottle of Xango juice than it is a bottle of noni juice. Which is sold almost
everywhere natural supplements and herbs are sold. Noni juice has a line of skin care products that seem very good quality. So
when it comes to Xango or Noni… it’s really up to you! But Xango is more powerful… and Noni is more practical depending on what
you want to use it for.

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  1. Morinda citrifolia (Noni) has some key issues such as: Habitual consumption of some Melanesian medicinal and food plants may influence atherosclerosis development and Hepatotoxicity. A Medline search will produce these studies about the Morinda citrifolia. The Medline search for Garcinia mangostana (Xango)has no known detrimental effect out of the studies to date. If its strong enough to help you, its strong enough to hurt you. Be careful and consult with your physician first before using any dietary supplement.

  2. Great article! I know of a few people who switched from Noni juice to Mangosteen juice and have been very happy because of the powerful health effects it has had on them. I’m also a distributor of Xango, the best Mangosteen juice.

  3. Noni Juice have xeronine that in mangosteen juice doesn’t have. Xeronine works to maintain cells body. So, the body can regenerate.

  4. The bragging rights of Xango are the Xanthones which no other super fruit will be able to offer. Xango is now using that pericarp oil to formulate a nutritional skin care. for more info see

  5. After a month drinking Tahitian Noni Juice, I noticed a great benefits in my body. Drinking Xango for one month, I didn’t feel the same benefits. But, it’s my body, my specific digestif problems.

  6. There is now a better product than Xango – it’s called Vemma

  7. It is true there is a NEW product out called Vemma right now there are studies going on with the top three chemotherapy drugs and a natural supplement called VEMMA, Vemma with no contest is far surpassing any results the chemo has. With that said chemo is known to kill hundreds of thousands ppl every yr. Vemma (mangosteen) in 400yrs has neverkilled anyone. For more absolutly amazing information go to ( ) and listen to Dr.John Edwards and or Dr.Roisen

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