Maybe you should think twice about that cup of noodles?

The harm and dangers of instant noodles.

Instant noodles-the #1 ingredient is carbohydrate.

Research tells us there IS a link between high-starch diet and diabetes. White bread, mashed potatoes and instant noodles all have high “glycemic indexes,” which is a measure of how much the food drives up blood sugar.

The second largest ingredient in instant noodles is fat. Most instant noodles are dried by deep frying, and only 3%-4% are air dried. Air-drying is not indicated on the package and they are not marketed on that basis. Instant noodles are about 18% fat.

Most manufacturers use palm oil, which has a nice flavour. It is also highly saturated, so if you are at risk of coronary artery disease, avoid instant noodles RIGHT NOW .

The 3rd ingredient is Potassium carbonate, a salt. It turns noodles yellow is whatt give it the chewy testure. Without this additive, the noodles would be softer, easily turning mushy. There is no nutritional value in potassium carbonate.

The condiment pouches contain most of the product’s salt content. Again, if you are required to maintain a low-salt diet for blood-pressure reasons, instant noodles are not appropriate. The flavor pouch also contains coloring to make the broth look more appetizing and usually a hefty portion of the flavor-enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG). Although some people report a sensitivity to MSG — complaining of fever, fatigue and headache — it too is a fully approved food additive. There are instant noodles available without MSG, but they tend to be about 25% more expensive and taste bland.

Parents can alter the nutritional value to some extent. First, buy packets that do not come pre-mixed in their own bowl. This way, you can control how much of the flavoring pouch goes into the broth. Also, adding egg or vegetables to the soup is an excellent way to increase the protein and vitamin content, without altering the taste and texture that appeals to children.

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  1. but noodles are nice!!!

  2. since when did you get all healthy eh?

  3. I didn’t. I just wrote the thing..doesn’t mean i’m giving up cup noodles.

  4. thers a few facts that u said add like preservativs n colouring

  5. I missed out the colouring because there ARE some noodles that don’t have them.

  6. o ok tats a good point

  7. how bout those noodle snacks


  9. how come

  10. Because those snacks must be deep fried/cooked and then ready to eat which must mean LOTS of preservatives.

  11. well said-snack noodlz=omg

  12. but evry1’s eatn thm and nothn hapnin 2 thm

  13. i’m guessing becuase the effects are not immediatly visible

  14. So why write the article to scare people then say you are still going to eat the noodles?

  15. Damn, i just ate a cup off noodles for lunch.

  16. Im eating cup of noodles rite now aha(:

  17. LOL. I just finished up a cup but I should be good. I only eat them like once every blue moon. Funny thing is I hate oodles and noodles but like the cup of noodles. Weird. Anyway, good article.

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