Mcdonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King?

Which fast food is worse: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or Burger King?

Do you know how many calories and how much fat is in the fast food that you eat? Well, if you want to find out how bad fast food can be, please keep on reading.

Have you ever thought about it? Maybe after you find out how many calories there are in a Large Fry from Wendy’s you will never want to eat them again. I am writing this to show you how bad this food can be. Obesity is becoming a big problem in the US, and hopefully this can make you never want to eat fast food ever again.

Calorie and Fat content in three items from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King

***Each of those foods below cost about $1 each.***

So, where is the best place to buy what I want? Here are those same three foods from each restaurant rated from worst to best to eat depending on calories and fat content.

(Worst – Best) Hamburgers:


So if you want to buy a hamburger from one of these three places, Wendy’s would be the best.

(Worst – Best) Large French Fry:

So if you want to buy a Large Fry from one of these three places, McDonald’s would be the best.

(Worst – Best) Chicken Nuggets:

So if you want to buy Chicken Nuggets from one of these three places, McDonald’s would be the best.

I am not saying that always buying the best rated thing above will be healthy, but if you have to buy fast food, choose wisely.

If you don’t want to become obese: eat healthy, exercise, and make all around good choices.

Please comment below if you found this article useful or helpful in any way.

Please stay healthy and Thank You for reading.

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  1. Nice one. I think that people should only eat fast food once per week maximum! Better once per month!

  2. Cool!

  3. great work!

  4. Wonderful article!

  5. Great informative and very useful article.

  6. Nice article but you made me hungry!

  7. I guess I’m in luck – Wendy’s makes my favorite fastfood hamburger and McD’s my favorite french fries. Good article!

  8. hmmm. good article. like dalray, i guess i’m lucky that i eat only mcdonald’s fries!

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