Medical Properties of Black Currant

What caused medical properties of black currant?
Blackcurrant – one of the most valuable fruit crops that have healing properties. In the wild this plant is found in wetland soils along rivers, lakes, streams, in wet bushes and spruce forests.

Black currants are widely grown in culture. Globular berries of this plant


ripen in July – August. In mature state, they acquire a black color and a pleasant


sweet-sour taste. For therapeutic purposes are used as berries and leaves of black currant.

Medicinal properties of black currant are explained by their content of substances such as


vitamins C, P, B1, B2, carotene (provitamin A), monosaccharides, organic acids (malic,


citric, succinic, salicylic acid), essential oils, glycosides, anthocyanin compounds,


tannins and pectin, trace minerals. As you can see, black currants can be rightfully called


a chemical laboratory for the production of biologically active substances. On the content


of vitamin C, black currant is second only to rose hips and actinides. According to this


index is superior to other cultures (even citrus – lemon and orange) a few times.


Black currant leaves also contain many other substances that have medicinal properties.


Especially many of them are vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and essential oils.


With which diseases black currants are used for medicinal purposes?


In folk medicine, freshly black currant is used for colds, high blood pressure, gastritis


and ulcers of the stomach, inflammation of the kidneys, heart diseases, and liver. Thanks to


its high vitamin content of black currant berries are used as an effective remedy for the


prevention of hypovitaminosis. The fruits of this plant have diuretic, diaphoretic, and


anti-inflammatory effects, as well as a depressing effect on some pathogenic bacteria.


Water infusions and decoctions of leaves have a healing effect for rheumatism and gout, as


they favor the excretion of excess uric and oxalic acids. The infusion of black currant


leaves used for medicinal purposes for scrofula. Prepared in the form of hot tea decoction


of leaves of black currant is used to treat bladder and kidney stone disease.



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