Methods of Food Preservation

Let’s revisit the various ways of preserving the food we eat. It is a comprehensive review to share by all.

Food can be preserved in the following ways:-

1.                Aseptic method

2.                Bactericidal methods

3.                Bactericidal or sterilization method

4.                Preservation by radiation

5.                Preservation by addition of chemicals.

The various methods of preserving food are elaborated as follows:-


1.                Aseptic methods

By this method, undesirable micro organisms are removed or are prevented from entering the food. This principle involves the vigorous application of high standards of hygiene and cleanliness to food processes utensils and the surrounding environment. This greatly reduces the premature spoilage of foods.

2.                Bactericidal methods

These include drying, freezing, refrigeration at temperatures slightly above 00C, salting and smoking. The micro organisms are prevented from multiplying hence their population   remains static.

3.                Sterilization methods

These methods are applied in food canning, processing of gams and jellies by healing the foods at appropriate temperature, and passing ionizing radiations through the food destroys the microorganisms present in it.

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  4. If the population of microbes remains static,then the method is a bacteriostatic one( like drying ,salting,freezing). Bactericidal methods like cooking,canning,irradiation,pasteurisation completely kill microbes in food.

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