Natural Foods Resembling Human Body Parts

I was amazed to know the striking similarity between food itmes and body parts. Take a look at food items resembling body parts in this article. Some food items that resembles body parts include carrots and eye, kidney beans and kidney, celery, ruhbarb and bones, bean sprouts and male sperms, grapes and lungs, mushroom and ear, tomato and heart, avocados and uterus, walnuts and brain.

Majority of us know that carrots are good for eyesight, but there are various other vegetables and fruits available in the market that is useful for us in one way or the other. How to find out which food items contain what nutrient and what part of the body is going to be benefited by a particular food item? God knew that we humans would get confused with this question and therefore created food items resembling human body parts and gave us some clues. Take a look at the foods that resembles human body parts and their nutritive value.

Carrots and eyes:

Have you ever noticed the striking similarity between a slice of a carrot and a human eye? If you take a closer look at the sliced carrot, you may even be able to see radiating lines pattern that is similar to the parts of the eye, namely, pupil and iris. Studies have proved that carrots are indeed good for health as they contain lots of vitamins, anti-oxidants, beta-carotene, etc. It is the beta-carotene in carrots that helps in reducing the risk of cataracts, which is a more common problem related to eyes.

Celery, rhubarb and bones:

 Image via womansday

Celery and rhubarb looks very similar to bones in the human body. Sodium is very much essential for our body. If we don’t consume food items that have sodium, our body takes the necessary sodium from the bones. When this happens, our bones become weak. According to recent studies, it is proved that “Bones are 23% sodium and food items such as celery and rhubarb also contains 23% sodium.” Oh…what an excellent coincidence.

Bean sprouts and male sperms:

 Image via blogspot

Yet another food item resembling human body part; yes, it is the bean sprouts. They resemble male sperms. A study was conducted at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio on the requirements to make a healthy sperm. It was found that to make healthy sperm, one would require Vitamin C as well as anti-oxidants in order to protect them from getting damaged. By eating half-a-cup of bean sprouts, one would get 16% of Vitamin C.

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  1. very nice…thanks

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  27. @1hopefulman, the comparison between tomato and heart is in the next page.

  28. @Starpieces, it is cereal and rhubarb that resembles bones and I’ve provided it in the next page.

  29. @Starpieces, it is celery and rhubarb that resembles bones and I\’ve provided it in the next page.

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  61. Just read this in New Scientist and it got me googline and I found your page also I had a vague recollection of the food looking like the organs it benefits thing the other day when my dad had bought some cuckwheat (good for circulation) and I noted how it looked heart-shaped…

  62. sorry buckwheat… typing fail!

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