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    For a person to live healthy it requires various nutrients and minerals that has to be taken in proper amounts along with the food.Proper intake of foods that are rich in proteins,fats,vitamins,minerals and carbohydrates reuslts in a nutrient rich diet and these things are highly necessary to stay healthy and also fit.Nutrient supplements defines the preparation of the diet to provide various nutrients such as fats,amino acids,fatty acids,vitamins and also minerals so as to make a proper diet.

   A good diet or a good nutrition is not only something that helps you to fill your stomach but also helps you to stay away from various diseases that affects your health and provides the required energy.Nutritional supplement is not provided by having a lot of same food,but it is abundantly provided by having a small amounts of various food items.This is because not all the food items are rich in all the nutrients.

   It is highly required to choose a lot of colourful foods for your diet.This is because the colours in the food items are provided by the pigments and these pigments are nutritious substance that are helpful in preventing heart attacks and even cancer.These pigments are also found in abundance in the fruits and so it is also good to have a lot of fruits with your diet.

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  Then coming to vitamins the most important vitamin that should be found more in the diet is the antioxidants which is a combination of vitamins E,C and also A along with the mineral selenium.These antioxidants are more important in fighting against various diseases and also promotes the health of a person.Vitamin A is obtained from vegetables  pumpkin, squash, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes. Vitamin C is available from citrus fruits like lemon,orange etc.Vitamin E is obtained by including vegetable oils,sweet potatoes and wheat germs in their diet. Vitamin D is also important which is largely obtained from the sun and so called the sunshine vitamin.With all these nutrients you can maintain a balanced nutrient supplement in your diet.  

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