Nutrition Talk: Drinking Cold Water After Meals, Does It Make You Fat?

You may have heard that drinking water after a meal dilutes the acidic contents of the stomach, therefore, lessening the efficiency of the enzymes to break down particles especially the fat. According to Doctor Michael Picco, M.D., that notion is in no way true because water does not interfere in the activity of the gastric enzymes. If you are going to analyze, some food that you eat already contain considerable amount of water especially the ones that is served as a soup or with a sauce, yet we never heard that eating these kind of foods creates digestion problems. Water can even aid in digestion since it flushes off trapped foods and other impurities in the stomach.

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Issue: Drinking cold Water can make you fat?

                In the said email I received before, it is stated that drinking cold water will solidify the oily substances of the food and turn it into sludge. Then, the sludge will mix with the gastric acid and will be absorbed faster in the intestine. It will become part of the intestinal lining and soon become fat pockets.


                There are several points I want to express and here they are:

First, the stomach lining together with your liver, gallbladder, etc will secrete enzymes that will break down the ingested food. The process of mastication/chewing and muscular contraction or peristalsis forms a thick semi-liquid mass called chyme and moves it into the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine. Thus, even if cold water does solidify oily substances in the stomach contents (highly improbable), the resulting “sludge” will soon be converted into chyme and it will not enter the duodenum more rapidly than any other material because again they are compacted.

Second, drinking cold water after a meal can even help in digestion since there’s an increased burning of calories. Remember that a calorie is needed to increase the body’s temperature to a centigrade higher; therefore, temporarily increasing the temperature of the stomach will help in aiding the burning of calories.

Third, the intestine is a semi-permeable membrane, only a selected group of materials can pass through it. In the letter it is said that the sludge is absorbed faster and become a fatty deposit on the intestinal lining. If you may observe the used word is “absorb” and not “adsorp”. I mean just looking at it, the letter is already wrong, since when the body absorbs the nutrient from the food goes directly to the blood circulation where it is circulated and used. The only time you’ll get fat deposits is when you eat more than your normal suggested daily caloric intake.

Fourth, drinking water is not bad even if it’s hot or cold. It will never affect your weight since in the first place it is zero calories. The complexity of the body’s anatomy can never be compared to how an oven or a refrigerator works as others would try to defend the stated issue.

Never believe on those messages that bear no legal author. Remember that we were also told before that shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate is bad, that eggs should be avoided because it’s high in cholesterol and that formula is better than breast milk, but then all of them were proven wrong by scientific studies.

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