One Food You Shouldn’t Eat at All

Soy products might not be as good for you as you originally thought!

      Many people looking at alternative sources of protein have undoubtedly come across Soy.  From a nutritional stand point, soy contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it great for people looking to consume less meat. Aside from the excellent protein profile, soy also is a source of fibre and some essential vitamins and minerals. A miracle food you might say? Not really!

      Keep in mind the fact that soy up until recently was seen as unfit for human consumption.  If it was planted, it was only for purposes of plant rotation, to put nutrients back into the soil.  Of course now we see Soy products  everywhere, but simply putting soy in nicely decorated boxes still doesn’t change what people have already known for centuries.

    Among the bad effects of consuming soy regularly can include thyroid problems to estrogen production in males.  Consider Jeremy Piven who reportedly started growing man breasts after drinking 12 cups of soy milk a day.  Of course these side effects most likely occur if you consume soy regularly in large quantities, but if something is bad for me in large does, it certainly does change much for low does.

    What’s even worse is that an estimated 80 percent of all soy beans out there are genetically modified which in turn makes them even more toxic for our consumption. 

    Point is, I use to be a big fan of soy nuts and tofu burgers, but for now I think I will stick to regular nuts and real burgers.

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