One of The Best Kept Secrets About Popcorn

It turns out it is good for you after all!

      I consider myself a person who tires to make wise food choices, but rarely when I indulge with popcorn do I ever wonder about its health benefits.  After all, it is a snack, and like most snacks, we eat them for pleasure and not as a part of our daily health regime.  In fact, it would shock some health conscious people to learn that the popcorn we often indulge in is  healthy for us.

    Although disquised, popcorn is essentially a whole grain.  Like everyone knows, health afficiandoes and amatuers alike, that is a catch term for healthy eating.  Being a whole grain, popcorn provides us with two notable health benefits: fibre and antioxidants. In terms of fibre, popcorn is an excellent source.  Just one serving has enough help keep your digestive track running smoothly.

    As for antioxidants, popcorn has them as well. Since corn is dried to create popcorn kernels, it means all the nutrients are locked into the kernel. Also, the kernels don’t undergo any type of  extensive processing so this allows all the antioxidants present in the corn to remain untouched before it is popped.

     The only bad thing about popcorn is the fact that it is a flavour magnet. In order to heighten its taste, we often add salt and butter and other additives.  This pretty much negates most of its health benefits. To steer clear of this, maybe next time opt for sea salt instead of regular salt, and maybe a dash of olive oil instead of butter.

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