Proper Care of The Female Body (Appearance or Health) After 45 Years

With age should be changed not only the life, style of dress and eating habits, and ways to maintain health and appearance. Because a woman’s body in 20 or 50 years – two big differences: in another function all internal organs, and thus changing the appearance of: skin, hair and nails. To counter the negative trends, we must arrange care for their own body, in accordance with age – those who do will not do, dramatically reduce the time of his active life and accelerate the process of external aging.

Hair care after 45 years.

In this segment of life, due to metabolic disorders, nervous stress, overwork, unhealthy diet (in particular, deficiency of mineral substances) destroys the hair follicle itself and the body hair, hair thins over the entire length. Atrophied sebaceous glands, decreases the synthesis of melanin – the hair loses its color, gray. Changing the structure of hair. Hair quickly absorb the smoke and dust from the air, which also contributes to the deterioration of their appearance and health.Another important negative factor which adversely affects the condition of the hair at this age – the decline of estrogen production by the body.

There are several options (ideally, use them as a group) the improvement of body hair and women after 45 years.

1. Use a direct means of containing the hormone estrogen. But such therapy can be done only under the guidance of a physician.

2. After 45 years of age must use special shampoos and conditioners.

3. To include in your diet products containing phytoestrogens. Grenades are useful, figs, spinach, carrots, broccoli, flaxseed oil. Eat red grapes, clover, alfalfa.Should regularly eat fish, soy, nuts, seeds, seafood, parsley and dill.

4. Tackle cleaning vessels (the removal of atherosclerosis). With age, due to atherosclerosis is broken capillary blood flow (scalp suffers one of the first), as a result of the hair roots receive a minimum of nutrients and atrophy. Net vessels – a pledge of normal blood circulation and nutrition of the hair roots. This can be achieved if we give here is from these foods: any canned products, candy, pastry and excessively oily food.

5. Actively use the antioxidants in foods and in drugs for external hair care products. First of all, we must pay attention to vitamins E, C and A, as well as the element selenium.

6. Spend massage courses or self-massage of the head with aromatic oils.Thanks to this: nutrition improves hair follicle cells restored the hair shaft, increases elasticity of hair, dandruff and dead skin cells peel the top layer of skin.

Women’s Health after 45 years.

There are several common factors that affect the health of women during the second half of life. Let’s examine them, and then develop a set of activities that promote better health in this age.

1. Stress, emotional and psychological fatigue. For 45 years in the life of every woman is a lot of events, and not all of them lay a positive impression in the mind.To rid yourself of stress, it is useful to put away a frightening horoscope or dream book, look at life easier, and less to quarrel with their relatives.

2. Probably no woman over 45 can not boast of absolute health. Stress, poor nutrition, bad ecology contribute to the development of at least one and often multiple chronic diseases.

3. Alters the endocrine glands, and eventually changing hormones in the body of a woman and as a consequence – the work of all internal organs.

Not to be bystanders in the processes occurring in the body after 45 years, women have to observe some general rules and recommendations. These tips should naturally be supplemented and amended recommendations, a personal physician.

1. Food. Vitamins and minerals are needed for both men and women at any age, but women over 45 should pay attention here on that.

- Regular intake of vitamin A. To make it easier to just using these foods: dates, green peas, soybeans, pumpkins, cabbage, apricots, tomatoes, prunes, spinach, veal liver and cod liver oil.

- B vitamins are also needed to eat this: bread made of flour, meal, yeast, peas, fish, nuts, liver.

- Get vitamin C is the easiest way out: cabbage, onions, beets, citrus fruit, currants.

- Vitamin E – vegetable oil from cold-pomace, soybean oil, walnuts.

- To eat calcium: dairy products, buckwheat, sea kale, parsley, beets, carrots.

- Phosphorus is enough in cheese, cottage cheese, eggs.

- Iron is obtained from the plums, nuts, brown bread, meat products.

- Potassium is sufficient in potatoes, mushrooms, grapes, peaches, dried apricots.

- To obtain magnesium eat: brown bread, cocoa, nuts, seeds and seafood.

- In addition to the nutritional status of women over 45 should pay attention here on that.

- Reduce the amount of sugar consumed.

- If you eat chocolate, and then only natural, black.

- Do not eat foods that contain lots of fat.

- If you prefer to eat fried food – cook it on a griddle with Teflon coated.

- It is best to opt out of cookies and other baking factory.

2. Restful sleep for 6-8 hours after the age of 45 years for women – this is especially important, it affects both the appearance and health.

3. Usually by 45 years, every woman is gaining at least a little overweight. If this weight by 3-5 pounds more than what was in 30 years, and while it is stable, do not worry and try to get rid of those pounds. If the extra weight for more than 10, then you should pay attention to this and take steps to optimize its weight.

4. Psychological state. Most women reach 45 years of what sought in 20-25 years – family, children, social status and so on already. In order not to fall for the bait “midlife crisis”, it is necessary to find and set themselves new goals and horizons of self-realization, in any sphere of life or work. If this is done in time, fills a void in life that many women leads to a depressed state, and even depression.

5. Once a year to be screened at mamologa – a specialist witness for the state of the mammary glands.

6. At least once a year to visit the gynecologist.

7. There are several diseases that women over 45 suffer many times more frequently than others. It is necessary to engage in the prevention of these diseases.

Osteoporosis – thinning, bone loss.

Rheumatoid arthritis – a chronic, systemic disease of connective tissue, mainly affecting peripheral joints.

Cholelithiasis – a formation of stones in the gallbladder or large bile ducts.

Cholecystitis – inflammation of the gallbladder.

Elevated levels of lipids (cholesterol) levels.


Features skin care after 45 years.

The skin is subject to general laws of physiology and aging, along with the organism, in this her “help” here these factors.

1. Malnutrition.

2. Improper care.

3. Hormonal changes in the body and the deterioration of internal organs.

4. Deterioration of the immune system.

For these reasons, the skin is broken, and slows down the metabolism, blood flow and worsening, respectively – the food, the subcutaneous fatty tissue becomes thinner, decreasing the elasticity of elastic fibers, disrupted the sebaceous and sweat glands – in 45 years, the sebaceous glands secrete a factor of 3 less fat than in his youth.

Partially counter these negative tendencies, you can use here of these measures.

1. Cleaning the skin soft cleanser morning and night.

2. Be sure to use a nutritional cream – night and day.

3. Adequate sleep on a low pillow.

4. Regularly carry out exercises for the muscles of the neck and face.

5. 2-3 times a year a course of facial massage.

6. If possible perform daily self-massage.

7. Regularly use a mask based on algae or mud treatments.

8. Be sure to use protective cream on a daily basis.

9. With the help of a cosmetologist to pick up for a program of skin care products in the beauty parlor.

And we must remember that beauty and 25 years – is a gift, after 25 – is already working, and after 45 – is hard work.

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